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  1. I may be biased as a Cobra Connect Challenger, but you should look at the RadSpeeds
  2. I believe the full set of sensors comes with a 3-month subscription. You can decide after that if you want to pay for the subscription moving forward.
  3. Lucky dog - I'm out on the best coast so I won't get mine until Tuesday.
  4. I went with the Link, but I will be doing a few rounds with my iPhone as well for comparison.
  5. That’s a low blow! I’ll change my profile pic once I do though...
  6. A good group of testers here - looking forward to seeing you all hit bombs!
  7. I find that my spikeless shoes have a stiffer sole than my trail runners (even though some of my trail runners have more aggressive tread), so it provides a bit more of a stable platform for faster/harder swings.
  8. I have a pair of the Jackpot pants as well and love them. Thinking about picking up a pair of the Jackpot Tailored ones as well for a slimmer fit.
  9. So who’s gonna be the one to make the late ask to switch their Radspeed irons to the black version?
  10. I'll take it - just sending you a PM.
  11. You know it's a good swing when you generate lots of club head speed but look like you aren't really trying! What shot tracing program are you using for the video? I'd like to get something similar for the Cobra Connect Challenge.
  12. Got out for an evening round with my brother after work yesterday - we rolled our putts in on 18 just after sunset. My driver was slicing terribly, and as a result I got too much inside my own head trying to compensate and was hitting my irons all over the place. Slices, hosel rockets, toe-down chunks, even a topped pitching wedge off a tee on a short par 3! I think I hit every imaginable poor iron shot early, culminating in a triple-bogey on 7. Somehow I managed to hit the middle of the fairway with my 3W off the tee on the 8th hole and was looking at 145 yards in to a green with lots of bailout room on the right. I was frustrated and worried standing over the ball so I stepped away and told myself to focus on the absolute basics: takeaway a few degrees outside, and then just think about getting my hips around and ignore my arms and hands. It worked! Suddenly I had my confidence back and was thankful that I had managed to grind out some pars and bogeys up to that point. My driver continued to slice the rest of the day, but my irons were feeling excellent and I started stringing a bunch of good holes together. My chipping and wedges especially were excellent, giving me lots of good looks at par (and the occasional bogey save) and first round out with the new putter I had 30 putts. All that to say that when I rolled in my last putt and checked my score, I shot an 88! First time breaking 90 - heading into the Cobra Connect Challenge I’m playing the best golf of my life! I almost felt bad for my brother - we had a steak dinner bet on who would be the first to break 90, and all he needed was one par on the back nine to do it as well. Still a career-best for him by 3 strokes though! I’m super excited now to see how low I can go with the Cobra clubs - 80 doesn’t seem out of reach!
  13. A big part of every test is always whether or not the new gear will stay in the bag. For me, most of the Cobra stuff is a shoo-in to remain in my bag. The obvious standouts are the fairway woods and hybrid, since I'm very uncomfortable with my current clubs in that slot. The biggest question for me is going to be the wedges. Right now I'm gaming the Cleveland CBX wedges in 52° and 58°, and I'm getting the SnakeBite wedges in the same lofts. The CBXs are super comfortable clubs for me, and are incredibly consistent, give me good distance control, and are majorly forgiving. I haven't had a chance to swing the SnakeBite wedges yet, but with the success I've had with the CBXs I'd say going into the challenge the odds are 50-50 between which wedges I have in the bag after the challenge is over.
  14. Why bother practice when you can just wait for the MIM wedges to arrive and instantly fix your problems?
  15. Took me a couple of seconds on the first pic to realize that the plastic was still on - I thought you had driven home from the golf course with the putter head dangling out of your trunk dragging on the ground!
  16. Looks like a good time! You and @jlukes were the only ones to not go with a set GW. Do you anticipate using your GW on partial shots and around the green often?
  17. I grew up in the Denver area, so my first three years as a sports fan were Stanley Cup > Super Bowl > Super Bowl (giving my age away a little bit there...) It leads to a culture of #winning that the lesser among us will never understand, but I won't hold that against them.
  18. Thinking about it - $25 a pop for the weights on Cobra’s site seems a little steep though so I’ll see how it performs first before I turn to that.
  19. For me the big two are distance off the tee (especially with Driver, my current one spins way too much and tends to balloon and fall short) and distance control in my irons (I currently have quite a bit of inconsistency).
  20. My strategy was to go with guys I didn't think would be picked by everyone else - hopefully makes it easier for me to stand out that way! (although that strategy backfired spectacularly in March Madness...)
  21. Looks like more 3-D printed tech. The Supersport came in at $399, so I'm guessing this will be $450 at least.
  22. I think a big part of "feel" for a ball is the sound it makes off the face, and that is definitely a noticeable difference between urethane and surlyn balls. I think ChiTown is right in that with a putter you aren't hitting it hard enough to lead to any measurable performance differences. Once the ball is rolling, random grains of sand or sideways blades of grass would have a bigger impact than the ball composition.
  23. You would think for this challenge you’d want to pick the colors of a winner...
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