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  1. A very timely release from TXG today with the Radspeed prelims for the 2021 Driver Bracket. I'm interested to see what the other competitors end up with! For me I think it'll be between the XB and the XD. I have my current driver set to 9.5° and in the draw setting, so if I end up in the XB I'm curious if the 10.5° or 9° will be a better fit. Fitting scheduled for first thing Monday morning, so you won't have to wait for long to find out.
  2. I was on your side through thick and thin last year - I hope you don't forget that!
  3. I would think for Srixon pros that they are getting a hand-selected batch of balls - they would know that there is some variance between balls with manufacturing tolerances. Same thing with shafts, etc. I know in the world of alpine skiing this is especially common - the equipment guys for the top racers will get access to the warehouse, and they will go through hundreds of the same ski and pick out 10 for their racer that have the exact flex, stiffness, camber, etc that they want. Those minuscule differences add up in a sport where success is measured by hundredths of a second.
  4. Spent some time with the ExPutt dialing in my new putter. Could definitely notice the increased MOI - off-center hits were resulting in less face deflection, and the balls were staying more on line. The Stroke-Lab shaft was also a noticeable difference - felt much more balanced and in-tempo. One thing I need to get used to is the new lie angle. The new putter is a few degrees more upright, so I often found myself on an out-to-in club path. My time with the ExPutt has shown me that club path isn't a big deal for putters (as long as the face is square to your target) but it's still something I'd like to improve.
  5. Holy I don't even know what! I am so freaking excited and honored to have been chosen for this! I'll be back in this thread later tonight to post more coherent thoughts once my heart rate has dropped.........!!!1!!!!!11!!!! Super stoked to represent the high-handicap golfers for #TeamChad
  6. Saturday was one of those days where things progressively started to click. Started the round off with a triple bogey on the first hole, then went 10-over the rest of the way. My driver was going dead straight all day and I was comfortable with my irons. Struggled a bit with putting as the greens were very slow, making it difficult to get an accurate read on some of the breaks. Shot of the day for me was on hole 6. It's a short, tight par 5 that's designed to force an iron off the tee, but I went driver and cut the corner on the dog-leg as close as I could and ended up in a fairway bunker. I've always struggled with fairway bunkers, but in this case I went with my 7-iron from 150yds out and stuck it to 20 feet. Just missed my eagle putt, and rolled in a 2-footer for an easy birdie. If I can bring this level of play to a full-length course I feel like I can definitely break 90.
  7. The right number is n + 1, where n is the number that you currently own.
  8. When I used to work landscaping I drank plenty of water directly out of client's garden hoses on hot days. The trick is to do it in front of a window where they can see you, so they feel sorry for you and bring out a nice tall glass of lemonade
  9. Impact position from a year ago and from last week. I feel like I'm getting my hips around more and generating more club head speed with less "arm swinging".
  10. Calloway Pre-Owned had the Stroke Lab Black Ten putter for $140 in "Like-New" condition - at that price I couldn't afford to not buy it!
  11. If Wolff doesn't snap out of it this year, he may be a sneaky good pick in next year's fantasy draft. Think about how late Spieth was still available in this year's draft - all the guys who picked him got a steal for sure!
  12. I've been thinking about how I could create good content too - my wife has absolutely zero interest in golfing, but I primarily golf with my brothers, one of whom is a photographer and drone pilot, so I feel like I could create some really cool content with him. If I gave him my old iron set he would for sure be willing to put together some really good video content for me.
  13. I can see him offering his 3 wood and 5 iron for a Driver...
  14. I've found that rather than holding the fitting still on the pipe and pushing the plastic collar tool against it, it works better if you hold the plastic collar tool in place on the pipe and push the Sharkbite fitting further onto the pipe against the tool - that allows the teeth to release from the pipe, making it easier for the sleeve to slide under them. But I've only done that to remove fittings to replace with a different style (i.e. put a tee in where a coupling had been) - I would never reuse an old fitting after removing it.
  15. That race was certainly worth the wait though!
  16. I like to use this chart, since using the ExPutt got me used to thinking about my putts in terms of ball speed. I'll use a flat section of the practice green and hit a few 5mph putts to get an idea of the green speed, and then when I'm on the course I can pace out a putt distance, use the appropriate column for green speed, and get an idea of what kind of ball speed I need on the putt. The discussion here about adjusting for slope has been super helpful - being able to use slope x stimp to get a "putts like" distance should help me bring this to the next level. Maybe I should just put my TI-89 in my golf bag!
  17. I've had a tab open in my browser with the previous generation Stroke Lab Black Ten putter on Calloway Pre-Owned for a few weeks now. It's a great price, but my wife would kill me.....
  18. Gotta love seeing your guy sitting with a 3-stroke clubhouse lead after day 1. Let's hope he can keep that going!
  19. And now Berger is out. Fortunately I still have 4 entered in this week's event, but they are all in the bottom half of my roster.
  20. Well there's your problem - you should be $SPTH
  21. Berger withdrew this morning. Too bad, would've love to see him carry some momentum from Pebble Beach into this weekend.
  22. I take it you drafted Collin too?
  23. Right, but I'm saying that if Person A currently has pending a waiver claim for the same player that you want, and then Person B has a pending waiver claim for a different player (that involves dropping the player that you and Person A both want) then the system might automatically hold your waiver claim until Wednesday with the hopes of giving both you and Person A the player, rather than giving it to Person A and you missing out on your waiver claim, and then wondering when you check why your waiver claim was denied when the player you want is available. I'm not saying that's what's happening, but from a game design perspective it might make sense.
  24. Just a thought - maybe someone has a pending waiver claim that includes dropping the player you're looking for - in that case it might make sense for the system to delay your claim until Wednesday (rather than deny it on Tuesday and have that player immediately become available).
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