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  1. Had a PXG fitting today, drove 4 hours one way for it. I got my Gen 2 last sat. Probably hit 100 balls with it last week and wasn't happy with it so went for a fitting. Told them money was no object, I'm 59 years old and want to keep up with my boys. I didn't care what name the shaft was or what it cost , I want to hit it farther. after an hour, best was 236 with 91 swing speed. At this point I'm pooped but i brought my 410+ cause i wanted to see what it would do on a Trackman. First shot with the Ping, stock shaft, 235. 2nd, 228. At this point my back is done. They took my club for re shafting, which i don't get. Why couldn't they have just kept the shaft and sent me a new one? Anyway new shaft is Riptide 50 gram 5.5. Old one was same shaft but the 60 gram and it was too stiff for me. I don't know how many different shafts I hit today, one was a $200 upcharge and i had higher swing speed with it but not the yards. The day did impress me regarding Ping quality. Throwing it out there for recommendations for the best shaft for an old man with a bad back and still wants to hit it 250! Thanks
  2. First post, have been a lurker for quite a while. i ordered my PXG on 4-26. Got it 5-30. i live 4 hours from Minneapolis so fitting wasn't a good option. I went with their recommendation. My club came in a plain cardboard box. Worst new club package I've ever received. My son ordered the same day, his came in the same box, but his wasn't even put together! Now about the club, neither of us is very happy about it. I have a 410 + that I was very happy with but for the price we thought we would give the PXG a try. I have yet to hit a shot with it that feels like I hit it on the screws. We bought the 0811 and my son says the same thing. I called them and told them not very happy with the club and they said they are going to have a fitter call me to see if I can meet somewhere for a fitting because there is simply no way I'm going to the Twin Cities right now. I guess we'll see how it turns out. i have the Riptide blue regular shaft, hopefully a different shaft will wake it up. Don't take this as a bash i don't intend it that way but I would get fit for it before ordering unless you are sure what you are ordering.
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