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  1. What's the best / coolest / most unique tournament gift you have ever received and why!?
  2. Jeffrey Wellfleet, MA Titleist AVX, and switchd to Tour Speed for this winter season I grew up learning to play in the 90s / early 2000s so it was Top Flight XLs all the way! I just remember them feeling hard as rocks!
  3. Jeffrey / Wellfleet, MA Have one set up in the yard for pre-round warm up and working on swings when I'm not playing Would love a launch monitor, but tech/price still isn't in my budget
  4. I will have to look into that, center of the clubface consistency has been tough this year. definitely holding me back a bit this season, seem to have picked up a tough miss off the toe the second half of this season for some reason.
  5. No no, no offense taken, was just joshing around azstu324! Truely appreciate the advice!
  6. Thanks for the awesome response azstu324 , that was my initial feeling with it, "This is awesome, I love it, now how do I use it to make me better..." As much as I would love adding a launch monitor, I think thats a bit out of my league at the moment. I like the idea of that mat, something that can aide in swing path and alignment a little bit. And never even thought about using it for chipping practice, thats too obvious. one correction: I anticipate landing on the green in two shots EVERY TIME... that said I'm 50% GIR at my best
  7. Hey All, Long time MGSer but first forum post: I just recieved a great golf net for my birthday and I was wondering if anyone had a great resource for training drills or smart accessories to go with it. Love smashing balls into it as a quick warm up and for fun, but would love to really get the most out of it. Mid-hi handicapper at 15-16 but can follow drills and techniques really well. Thanks! JP
  8. Jeffrey (Today is my birthday!) Boston, MA Callaway Rogue Sub Zero / Titleist 909 D2 15.5 90-95 TSi3
  9. Jeffrey / Boston 16 Titleist Vokey SM7 That little extra tacky feel, see if you can actually get more spin on the ball.
  10. Jeffrey - Wellfleet, MA Picked up a Big Moss putting mat durring the last off-season They were always trash, but better than nothing until the BigMoss, love the roll and quality of the mat. The medium that runs around 10 in one direction, would be really true comp for my home course.
  11. I've been playing the Team TaylorMade Challenge recently and you should too! It's free and you can win cool TaylorMade prizes for the upcoming PGA tournaments by guessing what's going to happen on the course. Team Taylormade Challenge https://taylormade.sweepapp.io/r/8d99cf Good luck! JP
  12. Jeffrey / Wellfleet / USA Scotty Cameron Studio Design 2.5 Answer 2, I have always wanted to try the style that is said to have started it all
  13. Jeffrey Patrick / Wellfleet, MA 16.5 Titleist AP2 714
  14. Jeffrey Patrick, Wellfleet - MA Personally no, but I ask for a read from my brother's Garmin on every shot outside 150 whenever we play. I use the SwingU app on a Google Pixel Phone, have been really impressed with its accuracy so far. not super friendly to run on the phone though...
  15. Jeffrey Patrick / Wellfleet, MA 45min - 1.5 hrs about 3+ times per week on a "Big Moss Golf" green And prob a 5-15min warm up before Saturday League between 3-5, my home course has exceptionally challenging sloped greens What interests me most is the idea of getting data driven feeback about my putting. typically i am having conversations with the head pro at my course about struggles or techniques but without analytics to review its all anectodal. also this looks way more fun than putting straight lines on my matt, i think my wife would get into it like a video game as we
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