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  1. Good to know will look into it for sure!
  2. So I recently recieved The Stack as a christmas gift and specefically didnt request the suggested PRGR LM along with it. I want to know before I commited to an expensive accessory what other users have had success with!?! what PLM are you using with your stack systen? what PLM do you wish you got to use with your Stack System? Any tips/tricks I should know going into it? Thanks! JP
  3. Yup thanks for the advice everyone, reached out to the seller with some specific questions and how they acquired it and they responded with "offer is over" and removed the listing - all for the best!
  4. What kind of hesitations should I have if considering buying a Driver head with no Serial Number... Seller is listing it as a "prototype" and that's why there is no SA#. Its actual tour issue model ( one I just happened to be fitted for the other day) but this one doesn't have a serial number - does this mean it wasn't approved for tour use or should I be nervous about knock-off?! Also - would it be legal to use in tournaments?! Just happens to be the exact club head I was fitted for and selling for a price I could live with so I would want to take advantage of it's legit! Any thoughts?!
  5. Yea - specialized monogram range finder is poppin up here and there - precision Pro is about to release a model they you can fully customize the color ways and do laser logoing
  6. Love that because it's a full story, they got you covered from all angles with Truly exclusive stuff. Butt it helps bring the biggest OEM in the game for sure!
  7. Putter is interesting bc that's so personal, I haven't changed my putter in 20 years almost and I know alotta guys like me - but anytime you're getting a new club is a great gift
  8. Full set of irons is pretty unreal, v that's a serious tourny budget!
  9. What's the best / coolest / most unique tournament gift you have ever received and why!?
  10. Jeffrey Wellfleet, MA Titleist AVX, and switchd to Tour Speed for this winter season I grew up learning to play in the 90s / early 2000s so it was Top Flight XLs all the way! I just remember them feeling hard as rocks!
  11. Jeffrey / Wellfleet, MA Have one set up in the yard for pre-round warm up and working on swings when I'm not playing Would love a launch monitor, but tech/price still isn't in my budget
  12. I will have to look into that, center of the clubface consistency has been tough this year. definitely holding me back a bit this season, seem to have picked up a tough miss off the toe the second half of this season for some reason.
  13. No no, no offense taken, was just joshing around azstu324! Truely appreciate the advice!
  14. Thanks for the awesome response azstu324 , that was my initial feeling with it, "This is awesome, I love it, now how do I use it to make me better..." As much as I would love adding a launch monitor, I think thats a bit out of my league at the moment. I like the idea of that mat, something that can aide in swing path and alignment a little bit. And never even thought about using it for chipping practice, thats too obvious. one correction: I anticipate landing on the green in two shots EVERY TIME... that said I'm 50% GIR at my best
  15. Hey All, Long time MGSer but first forum post: I just recieved a great golf net for my birthday and I was wondering if anyone had a great resource for training drills or smart accessories to go with it. Love smashing balls into it as a quick warm up and for fun, but would love to really get the most out of it. Mid-hi handicapper at 15-16 but can follow drills and techniques really well. Thanks! JP
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