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  1. Grant California Current Putter is Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven Would like to test Impact 3
  2. Grant/ San Francisco, California Shoe Size - 10 Current Shoe Worn - Footjoy What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection - Waterproofing and Traction
  3. Grant/ San Francisco, California RH #1 Choice - Driving Iron STIFF (Currently playing Callaway hybrid 18*) #2 Choice - 3 wood STIFF Handicap - 6.8
  4. Grant/ San Francisco California Handicap 6.8 Current Model Wedges Played: Ping Glide 2.0 What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: Potential for additional spin.
  5. Grant - San Francisco, CA I have a Big Moss indoor putting mat. I currently own a Big Moss Putting Mat (9'x3') and have used less expensive systems, including my living room carpet. I would test the BirdieBall Medium Stimpmeter; it most closely fits the typical green speed I encounter.
  6. Grant / San Francisco California/ USA ODYSSEY Rossi Piper C- I’m looking to try a higher MOI Putter in a mid mallet size.
  7. Grant/ San Francisco, California Handicap - 7.8 Current Iron Played - Srixon 765/565
  8. Grant Ingram -San Francisco, California Yes - Bushnell Laser, Garmin Approach, Garmin Watch, Phone Apps Arrcos App
  9. Grant from San Francisco i practice every day for 10 minutes on my indoor mat. Once a week a get out to a real green for a 20 minute practice session. I average 2 three putts/round. I’m interested to see 1) if I can use the data to develop a more reliable stoke under pressure and 2) if the simulator improves my long putting distance control, which is a huge problem.
  10. Grant from California 9.7 handicap Callaway Apex 19 Hybrids, 18 & 20 degrees Most important factor is ability to get up in the air and land more softly than long irons.
  11. 1. Grant, San Francisco 9.6 Handicap 2. Self Drawn single line 3. Bridgestone Tour BX, 2 parallel lines
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