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  1. Thank for the great opportunity to try 1 these putters
  2. I just switched to SM8 from my Callaway’s and I couldn’t be more impressed, I’m only wondering why I waited so long. ?? Thanks for the Chance
  3. As good as anything I’ve ever hit, Even though I’m hitting P790’s now, I’ve still hitting the 19.5 degree and 17 degree driving irons still , But I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to the my 699 Pro’s again which I still have
  4. Any, I would just like to try any other equipment ?? But I really don’t expect that I would change out my Srixon combo set of SX5/SX7 , But thanks for all the opportunities, Robert Gamblin
  5. Srixon ZX7 9 Degree W/ Ventus Velocore Black Ping G425 Fairview Wood Ping 410 hybrid Callaway Mavrik Pros 4-Aw Callaway Jaw Wedges 52/54/58 Odyssey Ten putter
  6. SrixonZX5 Srixon 7 combo set is awesome, switched from my Mavrik Pro’s , couldn’t be happier
  7. SrixonZX7 callaway Mavrik Pros Ping G425 Fairway wood Ping G410 Hybrid Callaway Jaws 52 56 60 degree wedges Odyssey Ten Putter
  8. Robert Gamblin Dupo IPhone 11 Pro Outdoors Yes
  9. Robert Dupo Illinois Callaway Mavrik 107 TSI 2
  10. Bob Dupo Illinois Handicap 9 Current Wedges Callaway Jaws MD5 What appeals to You about a Raw fWedge : Just The Style And Finish
  11. Robert Dupo Illinois USA Taylormade Spider Tomcat 14 just like the look and set up it ???
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