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  1. Douglas Taylor in Highlands Ranch, Colorado I am currently using the Garmin S3 I have been using Garmin Approach S3 for past 3 years to calculate distance. It has a feature that allows pin placement, so even close to green for pitching distance I use it.
  2. Douglas Taylor / Highlands Ranch, Colorado Practice: I practice 1 per week for about 45 minutes. 3 Putts: Unfortunately I average three 4 Putts per round. I think it is a combination of where I land on the green and reading the putt. Interest: I need to reduce my double and triple putts, and this might be the answer. This situation is killing my golf game, and I need an answer ...
  3. Douglas Taylor / Colorado Handicap: 20 Currently in Play: Ping i15 23 Degree Hybrid Most Important: Ability to hit straight (without hooking). Also the ability to guide a to guide a ball to a target that may not necessarily be straight - around dog leg fairway ...
  4. I inherited some clubs, and one looks very interesting. I am wondering if anyone has used/played with the NOMAD Performance + 4 Iron? Nice looking club, that has a lot of weight. Any thoughts on how it may perform or the history would be great.
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  6. Doug, Highlands Ranch, 20 Handicap Use Line Sharpied On Ball for Putting and Driving - Historically I have had issues aligning my feet for a strait drive and have resorted to using the print on the ball. If chosen I would review from both standpoints (alignment for putts and drives). Bridgestone e6 or TaylorMade RBZ (Green Preferred or White) ALIGNXL Personalized (Text: Hot-Ice Color: Black)
  7. I am looking for some great, affordable golf balls. I am sure it depends on your skill level, clubs ... I have a high handicap, but not a beginner. I use Ping G Max Irons, and a TaylorMade M1 driver w/Stiff Shaft (Have a Fast Swing). Any guidance, suggestions or recommendations based on your experience are welcome.
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