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  1. I've been doing this for the last few rounds. I recently got a new 3W with a much firmer and heavier shaft than before, and realized how much effect the shaft in my driver is having on my misses as the new 3W dispersion is way better. As much as I love to hit driver, I actually score better and lose a lot less balls using 3W or 4 iron off the tee. I am planning to replace the shaft in the driver soon but shopping and pondering between a couple of choices right now. Funny how things change, driver used to always be in the fairway when I got it.
  2. I did velcro too but wasn't happy with it as it made it noticeably higher, so went back to the same with tape. Barely notice it. The only issue I have is it won't read left hand low and I did try it taped to the front of the grip but support says it has to be on top to work. I think I'll probably go back to manual and in that case I probably don't even need a tag ?
  3. 10 rounds on it now. Manual putting seems to be the ticket for now. The only editing I am having to do now is when I forget to record something and a few shots where the gps is off a little, as in it thinks I'm on the green when I'm just off, or thinks I'm by the bunker when I'm actually in etc. I also find the uploading of my round from the V3 to be a lot faster when I do it at home vs at the course after the round. Must be due to better wifi
  4. I'm in Canada, on Vancouver Island but would be willing to test a 60' with 8 to 10' of bounce. I play 4 times a week and use my lob wedge a lot so it would get a real workout.
  5. Seems to work a lot better in manual putting mode. Maybe the counterweight in my grip was having some effect ? Hopefully there will be a fix for auto putting down the road.
  6. Tried manual once, but I kept forgetting I have to press a button for every putt. That's inconvenient for me, I would like it to be automatic like the other clubs. I get a lot of very short tap-ins and that is difficult too. Starting to wonder if I have a dud sensor ?
  7. I tapped the band against the putter sensor quite frequently today but it didn't help....I must be very consistent with those 2 foot putts, lol
  8. Mine is on L1 as well. Not sure how well it recorded the putts today as the round disappeared while being synced. Got about 30% uploaded and it decided to disconnect itself. Re connected it and synced again to 100% but now the round is missing. This is the 3rd time it's done this in 7 rounds. A little frustrating as I'm playing again tomorrow and will have a tough time trying to remember all today's shots when I eventually get to edit. Had a real good round today too, with only 28 putts.
  9. As the only issue I seem to be having is not picking up putts correctly, I checked and my tag is 13cm from the band. Today I have it located at 6cm to see if it improves. I want automatic, just like the rest of the shots. I know the putter tag is a bit different than the other tags but seems to pick everything up as 2 feet for me (lead hand low) so I'm guessing it isn't registering them ?
  10. Does it capture the putt lengths doing it that way ? I tried manual but didn't realize I had to press a button for each putt and I just hit the add button for the # and marked pin once it was holed. Maybe I need to try manual again. I putt lead hand low and don't think that helps. putting stats are the only thing I see that are inaccurate as they all seem to be 2 feet.
  11. I have left mine on L1 since I got it. I have 6 rounds with it so far and the only shots missed have been when I forgot to mark putts etc and it thought I was on another hole (once) Other than that I missed and mis-entered a couple of penalties but edited afterwards. It hasn't missed a single approach and my practice swings are a bit hit and miss, I am trying to get more consistent with a practice swing as I'm sure it can only help and is probably a good habit for me to boot. There is definitely a need to edit after uploading to check shot positions etc (I notice just on/just off the green and right at the edges of fairways etc the gps doesn't always catch correctly) but really the only area I am seeing it is weak is in putting. I have used Auto and Manual and find it does not seem to get the locations/length of putts. It could be due to the fact I put lead hand low ? I am trying to be more aware of this issue but find the rest pretty accurate. One other issue I have had is uploading the round has hung up twice and I had to msg support and get them to upload from their server, which makes it hard to recall all my shots later from memory (I'm in my 60's). I'm sure there will be a couple of tweaks to the firmware going forward.
  12. Anyone else have a crazy long shot show up in their stats ? I have a 425 yd 3W shot in my stats but can't find it. I did msg support but I think they are very busy with the new rollout. Other than that my V3 is pretty spot on.
  13. After they got my round uploaded from the server I was able to look/edit. Getting all my shots but still recording all my putts as 2 ft on Auto. I will try tapping the tag to the band a few times tomorrow and see if that helps.
  14. Do you have putting set on Auto or manual ? I put it back to auto again today but haven't been able to see the results as the sync stalled again and the round is now missing (probably on their server)
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