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  1. Steve. I'm on Vancouver Island, BC. Canada Right Handed. I would like to test the 18* Hybrid with ES85 F4 Stiff Backup 18* Long iron KBS V Tour Stiff I currently play a Callaway Apex Hybrid between my 4 iron and 3W Thanks for considering me (hope it's open to Canada)
  2. I recently installed a Hzrdus Smoke shaft in my driver. I purposely left it an inch longer so I could try it before final cut and just taped the grip and choked down an inch when I used it. Wasn't quite what I was hoping for so I just tip trimmed the 1" today and will try again.
  3. Steve, Vancouver Island. BC Canada Currently playing Ping Darby Sigma G which I picked after trying a crazy amount of putters and kept going back to. Face balanced. Would like to test the Fetch as it's similar to what I play but with a firmer face, which sounds appealing. I have a fairly straight putter stroke and my current putter improved my putting a lot from my previous blade style putters.
  4. I like the one when the putt goes a mile offline from a mis-read, or way short and somebody quips "I don't know how that didn't go in"
  5. So much for that idea. The wonderful global shipping program lost my shipment. At least they gave me a refund without any hassle.
  6. Thanks. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that I don't have to shorten it afterwards. I'll check with my pro shop, maybe they can help.
  7. Does anyone pull adapters without using a puller ? I only ask because I have a new adapter to put on a new shaft but it may end up having to come off if I want to tip the shaft after trying it. Thinking ahead.
  8. Worth mentioning that there are better ways to ship than Ebay Global Shipping. I recently purchased a club From a supplier in the US and shipping had it to me in Canada in 4 or 5 days. Meanwhile, I paid more shipping costs for a bare shaft from Ebay that has already been in transit 16 days and counting. I think, in the future I will not buy from any seller using the Global shipping as it is fairly costly and pathetically slow.
  9. I have a new shaft arriving soon that is going to be installed in my driver. With all the information I have seen lately with regards to spine aligning and FLO I am wondering what to have the installer do. Are these shafts aligned from the manufacturer so the logo should be up, or is it always just hit and miss. Shaft is a Hzrdus if I have the installer find the spine, what happens if I rotate the hosel to adjust the loft/lie ?
  10. I have the Rovic RV1S and E-wheels V2. Bought it as a package. No issues with stability and I can lock/unlock the pivoting front wheel to stop it veering off when walking along a sidehill or long fairway.
  11. I bought a shaft on Ebay recently. New shaft and the seller had them in several flexes at a much better price than ordering locally. The biggest drawback is the shipping imo. In global shipping right now so that may take a while. The global shipping is slow and adds to the costs but does away with dealing with UPS brokerage, which was always a headache when I was in business. My package was in Anaheim Aug 6 and now 8 days later it's in Cincinatti. Would have been here by now if they had just shipped it straight to Vancouver as I am on the West Coast. Not in a rush so the savings made the w
  12. I've been doing this for the last few rounds. I recently got a new 3W with a much firmer and heavier shaft than before, and realized how much effect the shaft in my driver is having on my misses as the new 3W dispersion is way better. As much as I love to hit driver, I actually score better and lose a lot less balls using 3W or 4 iron off the tee. I am planning to replace the shaft in the driver soon but shopping and pondering between a couple of choices right now. Funny how things change, driver used to always be in the fairway when I got it.
  13. I did velcro too but wasn't happy with it as it made it noticeably higher, so went back to the same with tape. Barely notice it. The only issue I have is it won't read left hand low and I did try it taped to the front of the grip but support says it has to be on top to work. I think I'll probably go back to manual and in that case I probably don't even need a tag ?
  14. 10 rounds on it now. Manual putting seems to be the ticket for now. The only editing I am having to do now is when I forget to record something and a few shots where the gps is off a little, as in it thinks I'm on the green when I'm just off, or thinks I'm by the bunker when I'm actually in etc. I also find the uploading of my round from the V3 to be a lot faster when I do it at home vs at the course after the round. Must be due to better wifi
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