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  1. I hvemy Mizuno driver I upright setting which changes lie and not loft. Then I have a little lead tape on the heel to help turn it over.
  2. Got a couple of rounds in with them now and I must say, I'm getting a lot more comfortable with them. I find the 4 and 5 iron are easier for me to hit a draw when I need to which is nice for par 3's and to vary the distance. I had about a 20g shaft weight increase and grip size change too, so overall very pleased and I am still getting plenty of height with my shots. The yardages for the shorter irons is a little different but I will dial that in. Still cool and damp here, so as things warm up should get better. I feel these will help improve my ball striking, very satisfying feel out of the centre.
  3. First range session was a bit disheartening. Plenty of launch and seemingly good distance on the range for my first session with the new irons but that was it. Was only 8 degrees and a little windy but I struggled with the shots going right and a much harsher feel at impact than the buttery feel at my fitting. I may go back to the range with my old and new irons together and try again. Didn't think I would take much adjusting, haven't changed irons in over 5 years 700-800 rounds plus practice. Junk rock hard range balls don't help.
  4. There was quite a bit of wear on my Vokeys to look at them and I was thinking of replacing the highest lofted to see if I should replace the others. A local shop/fitter said they were still pretty sharp so I had him bend them to suit my needs better. A buddy had a set of Kirkland Signature wedges that I tried and actually liked, so after doing a bit of research and watching some reviews I decided to buy the set for less than the price of one new Vokey. I did change the grips and am pleasantly surprised. One of my playing partners was inspecting them closely the other day, after seeing how much spin I was getting on them and commenting about whether they were legal. I wonder how long till he has a set
  5. I do clean my grips fairly regularly with hot soapy water and a scrub brush but maybe I need to do it a little more often. I rarely see any dirt on my towel when wiping but will certainly try more frequently and see if it helps. Thanks
  6. Good luck in your new ventures Matt. I like many others have watched and learned from watching your reviews and discussions on youtube. If only this old guy could swing that fast, haha.
  7. I have been thinking on a new set of irons after about 6 yrs with my Callaway Apexes. I had been told I could benefit from a heavier shaft by a pro during lessons a while back and was using XP95 S. Miz website suggested the 223 for my player profile. I tried a few others from different manufacturers before trying the 223. Very happy with the 223 when I tried it and of course the feel is great, so much better to me than the new Apex and ZX5's that were also on my short list. Tried at two different locations and both had me using Modus 115S. I suspected with heavier shaft that I should go back to a regular flex due to my age but then the optimizer came up with Project LZ 6.0, X100 and Modus 115S. I tried all 3 and liked the Modus the best and the numbers for launch, spin, descent were good so went with that. One of the locations where I had tried them had 1 set in stock with the right shaft, the other place where I thought was the better fitter said there could be a few weeks wait, especially with the ransomware attack. I've bought lot's there and he said I should pick up the set in stock at the other location. Can't wait to get out with them once I am back home.
  8. I've been using MCC+4 for a few years. I play 150-200 rds a year in all kinds of weather and I find the grips get hard and shiny after a year so I regrip annually. Started regripping my own 5 years ago after moving and getting a high price for install locally. Tinkered by adding extra tape layers for a couple years to quiet my hands but then last year went midsize. I think it was too much and felt it contributed to a little ch speed loss with my driver and everything seems to now leak right, might be in my mind too, lol. Found another driver recently with a shaft I had wanted to try and it has a regular tour velvet that seems to work well, so I was thinking to go back to regular MCC+4 throughout. I just got fitted for new irons and they used regular grips during the fitting based on my glove size. I found a set in stock with the right shaft and they had reg size MCC from Mizuno on them. I tried the new 4i with reg grip on the sim against my own 4i and felt it was easier to turn over as needed, so I'm going to pick up another 1/2 dozen of the same type/size for my wedges and woods so there is consistency and give them a go this year.
  9. The other course I played nearby never had any geese. I don't know how they got rid of them but I remember a couple appeared and heard the greenskeeper asking where they were spotted. Never saw them again. This other course, they are everywhere. I think it's nice enough to see them but don't think a golf course is the best place for them, they make a real mess. I bought a yearly membership but will likely leave and go back to the other course even though this one has a better layout. I don't need to be paddling through that all year.
  10. I recently started playing at a course that has a crazy amount of geese on the course. I can see it being a real mess in the spring/summer when the ball will continually be in the mess they leave. Once we play the ball down, how do we deal with that ? I don't see anything in the local rules, so I'm guessing "tough $hit" literally ? I can't believe how bad it's getting already and there are more of them every time I go out.
  11. Turned cold and a skiff of snow here on Vancouver Island, so no golf for a week ? maybe more. Can't complain, been playing 4 times a week but it has been very wet. So wet that it's been push carts on paths only !! 21,000 steps has actually had me thinking of trying a carry bag instead of my electric trolley. Temperature has dipped below zero *C but prior to that we have been 3-6*C (37-42 F)
  12. I have had FJ winter/rain boots for the last few seasons. Super comfortable but not very durable as the uppers split. They did warranty them but they still never lasted. I got the new model of the same boot last year and now about 13 months in and they are cracking and splitting. I only wear them a few months of the year and am looking for something better that I can get a few seasons out of. I see some guys wearing hiking boots during the wet west coast winter but I like my spiked boots, if they would stand up. What's everyone using ?
  13. I only recently saw the orange whip. A buddy has a similar swing trainer in yellow that I used a few times and liked the way it made me smooth out as I tend to get very quick. I actually ordered the same one as his but delayed in shipping so still waiting for it. Apparently, these swing trainers are allowed to be carried in the bag too, he always has his with him and swears by it
  14. Steve. I'm on Vancouver Island, BC. Canada Right Handed. I would like to test the 18* Hybrid with ES85 F4 Stiff Backup 18* Long iron KBS V Tour Stiff I currently play a Callaway Apex Hybrid between my 4 iron and 3W Thanks for considering me (hope it's open to Canada)
  15. I recently installed a Hzrdus Smoke shaft in my driver. I purposely left it an inch longer so I could try it before final cut and just taped the grip and choked down an inch when I used it. Wasn't quite what I was hoping for so I just tip trimmed the 1" today and will try again.
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