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  1. 1. Handicap is about 18 (never kept a true handicap) and Live in Boulder, CO with a lot of time spent in Chicago, IL 2. I use Srixon Z785 with Recoil 780 Smacwrap F4 shafts. Also, unique in that I require +1.25 in length and 2.5-degrees upright in lie. 3. Just heard them mentioned the other day at TXG and looked into them that day. Otherwise, I don't know much about them.
  2. Paul Illinois/Colorado 15 Handicap Srixon ZH85 2-Hybrid Would like an all around performer that is equally at home in some rough and fairway as it is off the tee.
  3. TXG is probably my favorite, but it gets a little old when they try to make it seem like Matt is just an "okay" scratch golfer. <eyes rolling> If you want to watch a channel with AMAZING scenery and courses, check out Erik Anders Lang. The production value of his videos are nothing short of amazing...especially the ones last year. This year has been a bit different.
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