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  1. Yes lots of unknowns still to come out.
  2. Let me clarify- Mena, to my understanding, has always been 54 holes no cut but not invitational closed/limited fields with no qualifying. Also it was sold to OWGR as a developmental tour, which LIV is clearly not. THAT is a significant change to what the events were in 2019.
  3. Further points out Greg's inability to succeed in this business venture. He's reacting and trying to be spiteful rather than strategic. His motivation isn't to put on the best golf product its to take down the PGA tour and it shows. I truly believe if he just focused on creating a great golf product, he could come out on top especially with an unlimited budget. The strategic move would be to work with Asian Tour to try to elevate their events for points.
  4. The big question is what was on the Mena tour's OWGR application. I would be shocked if there isn't a clause already on the application preventing this bait and switch. I bet OWGR has legalese regarding what happens if a tour decides to make significant changes to its structure, it must re-apply. Greg is just trying to set up a good lawsuit. From how the first hearing went on whether to grant a stay for the FedEx Cup, I would be shocked if the PGA Tour and OWGR weren't already prepared for this. If LIV wants to have a chance, it needs to ditch Greg and get a real business leader running the show.
  5. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2022/09/28/liv-golf-news-bryson-dechambeau-rope-video/ It's almost too predictable, now.
  6. The Fox deal is really interesting. Could be a good business move. Might be the dumbest thing ever. I have no idea how TV contracts work. Has there been any precedent with an offer like this? Has any group offered to pay to have their product broadcasted on a national network outside of a church service on local channels on a sunday morning or infomercials? Also, I've said this before, but I just hate hate hate how this is going to be more politicized with DJT and Kushner getting more involved. Golf is an escape from that. Regardless of how you vote.
  7. I think more than anything there is just some noise that happens in this thread. Ex - Someone new stumbles on it and gives an opinion that the community has already discussed months ago. Or someone comes in and doesn't offer anything other than "I like PGA Tour... or I like LIV". The one thing that is keeping thread alive is the slow drip of news. I enjoy discussing that. OWGR drama letter last week... Fox deal this week.... Bryson makes a cringe joke about ropes next week.
  8. Somebody check the strength of field for The French Open. Maybe even compare it to the Fortinet... P Reed just missed the cut as a star LIV player who has been in a few Top 10s in LIV. Just my opinion, cuts are more important than strength of field.
  9. I think this needs to be more clearly defined. The difference with LIV and PGA Tour is the contracts. Phil is going to play in every event. He's not getting sent down to play on the Asian Tour. (I know he has a lifetime membership to the PGA Tour but he's the only one (I think?). What if Cam goes cold for 2 years. Would they send him down?)
  10. @RickyBobby_PR is exactly right. OWGR has to be black and white on their requirements. LIV isn't the only new tour to apply to get points, other tours have applied, were told no points, made the necessary changes and were then awarded points. It can't make changes in criteria for a small tour (LIV). Making changes just based on strength of field (the main argument I've seen - "how can you not give points to DJ and Cam bc they are beating these other pros..." can quickly become a slippery slope. The JP McManus should get points. Seminole pro/member should get points. Bear's Club in Jupiter club championship should get points.
  11. Nah, don't think that will work here. I'm pretty sure its like 50% of the board is PGA tour and DP world tour. The other 50% are reps from the Majors.
  12. Great OWGR drama today - if you haven't read the letter, please do yourself a favor and read this. https://www.si.com/golf/news/liv-golf-players-petition-official-world-golf-ranking-chairman-in-letter There are so many bad arguments here but it simply comes down to not meeting established criteria, which has been set before LIV was ever created.
  13. Speculating here but I wouldn't put it past Greg and his gang to use View Bots to boost those numbers. Would be hilarious if a network bought their rights but then went full Elon Musk and backed out last minute due to bots.
  14. LIV keeps producing great decapitation content
  15. Congrats @Golfspy_Lukes and @Golfspy_TCB! As your initiation (hazing), I suggest a Q and A! Here are my top three questions- 1. Should you put $$$ into new clubs or lessons? 2. Should equipment be rolled back? 3. Share your personal feelings on the politics surrounding Saudi Arabia/LIV
  16. Pebble, Scottish Open, Heritage, BMW, and Rocket Mortgage. They aren't doing themselves any favors by trying to create a complimentary tour... Each year, I expect LIV to get more daring in the tournaments they choose to go opposite from, especially if Greg is still running it. Also, that's a lot of travel after majors, but if their players don't make the cut it won't be so bad.
  17. I’m actually in on this. If it’s going to be a 54 hole exhibition for winnings taken out of signing bonus, at least make it entertaining. They should be able to bet some of their signing bonus too.
  18. So true! I thought PGA Tour U events were entertaining midweek golf. Show more college content. Get the golf obsessed bought into a person's career when they are young. I love the USGA Men and Women Ams.
  19. Thinking back - isn't this a major plot of Entourage. Agent wants his client to make the most money so agent can get rich. Client wants to only do things he's passionate about resulting in tension. HAHA I need this Netflix documentary to come out. I hope B-Roll becomes court documents, too. What a beautiful disaster.
  20. It will be juicy if during discovery for the trial, GSE gets subpoenaed and it comes out that LIV is giving them a cut. I imagine that there could be some ramifications from that. Maybe not illegal but definitely shows the shadiness of the business. Makes me think about how Freddie Freeman was done by his agent this past year. Talk about tanking an agency. Ari Gold would be all about LIV lol. Would make a great show.
  21. This is where I wish Monahan would have been upfront and said "we are taking the players suggestions and implementing these changes... there is a lot to be worked out and we don't have everything worked out yet... top players will play more together for more money for a great viewership product... other players will have the ability to play their way to top while being supported by the tour". Instead he kind of fumbled his way through this. I think he is probably a really good behind the scenes guy but not so good in front of the camera. Also - I like that Rahm said what he said. This is what we want to hear, more player opinion. He's not saying the PGA tour is bad, he is bringing up points to help get them to a better member organization.
  22. LIV's target market isn't the Golf obsessed. It's the sports fan who watches golf if it's exciting. (Golf but louder) Given the choice, I think that demographic is going to watch football. Because they aren't choosing to watch the Fortinet or Sanderson anyways. With gambling so prevalent, even the most boring Big10 matchups will be more appealing than LIV.
  23. Biggest issue facing LIV - Who is going to watch golf when college football is wall to wall on Saturday and NFL on Sunday?
  24. Well- I think Jay needs to really be clear where this money is coming from. He didnt just meet with the CFO and say find the extra millions that we have hidden. This has been years long play when they renegotiated TV contracts long before LIV. So the tour is doing exactly what its setup to do pay the players as much as possible.
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