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  1. The golf industry is at its highest levels since, when? maybe peak Tiger era? How long do you expect it will last? I've read that it will take maybe another year before the supply chain catches up, but will the demand still be high? Should we expect the going rate for drivers to be $600 or $650, next year? What do you all expect the future of the golf economy to look like?
  2. I'm excited to see this test. One thing I have learned is buy nice or buy twice and these look niiiiiice.
  3. He's 27 years old, about to turn 28. I would agree if he was 18-20 and skipped college to go on tour.
  4. It was a great course with classic hole designs. Multiple redans and bearritz. True risk reward holes. Absolutely loved it. Didn’t play great. Started off strong but hit a few OB in the middle stretch and wasn’t mentally tough to keep battling. Found it again on the back though. 89 46/43, 8 GIR, 7 FIR (6!! Penalties) take away the penalties and it was easily a low 80s round.
  5. Funny thought - who would Bryon's next sponsor be? Funny ones I've thought of: PXG - Imagine the commercials between Bryson and Bob Parsons! XXIO - because no other equipment company wants him TourEdge - they need to break into sponsoring "younger" athletes Honma - Bryson begins doing more Asian tour events and redefines his image overseas
  6. At this point, I was hoping he would have just doubled down in his apology. Bryson - my agent fees are low. Feel free to have your people reach out to my people. Here is how I would have Bryson “apologize” - "I was frustrated after a bad round yesterday and that impacted how I responded to the question. I'm sorry to Cobra. I love you and thank you for putting up with me. I'm not happy with my driver right now, when you are a superhuman, you have to have super clubs, technology is not evolving as fast as I am. It's a good problem to have, I guess. By the time I'm 130, with 250 mph club head speed, I know Cobra will have a driver that is forgiving but can still get me 380 on miss-hits and 450 on center strikes. Thanks to all my sponsors (insert list of sponsors)."
  7. When the rep and his caddie from last week goes on record saying he has outbursts like an 8 year old, you know he's insufferable. But at what point is too much. We are only seeing a small glimpse of how he acts in private and what his sponsors and entourage put up with. From the GolfWeek article- “It’s like an 8-year-old that gets mad at you,” he said. “They might fly off the handle and say, ‘I hate you.’ But then you go. ‘Whoa, no you don’t.’ We know as adults that they really don’t mean that and I know that if I got him cornered right now and said, ‘What the hell did you say that for,’ he would say that he was mad. He didn’t really mean to say it that harshly. He knows how much everyone bends over backwards for him, but it’s still not cool.” I like this take better. But also, what's next... Hypothetically, He would then have "the best shoes" and still only hit 4 fairways in a round where he used multiple clubs outside of driver. Does he blame the shape of the tee boxes? Dew point? Grips? Glove? Underwear? I think I just want him to take responsibility for not playing well. I feel like this is golf psychology 101. Control what you can control and accept the bad shots. If he has a miss-hit or foot slips swinging at his 100%, maybe he can swing at 90% and still hit it 20-30 yards past others. What he has done is incredible, but at what point will he realize that his plan is not perfect?
  8. If I was an equipment company, I would stay far away from Bryson. The amount of resources you would have to put forward to R&D to make a driver that fits Bryson would take a lot of time, money, and people. Full recap of what happened - in Bryson's post round interview (https://twitter.com/theopen/status/1415699970276139010?s=21) he says the "driver sucks" and mishits result in really bad shots. Golfweek then gets a Cobra rep to comment on his statement. The rep who goes into detail about what they are having to do to work with Bryson. People are actively CAD'ing to get him a better driver. At what point is Cobra not seeing ROI when Bryson demands so much? What they design for him would never touch a shelf in a big box store.
  9. Low round on Sunday - Louis Oosthuizen
  10. I think infrastructure is the biggest obstacle as others have said. While its definitely a much different experience attending a tournament at a cool course vs playing the course itself, imagine a tournament out at Sandhills, a course most people would never get to step foot on. A part of the country the casual viewer would never associate with golf. It could be a "build it, they will come" situation. I think @sixcat is right though, a major championship is more likely than a regular stop for most of these courses.
  11. @Mtbryant01 and I have both used Neil Thompson. I did a few lessons with a guy who is no longer teaching under him. He used to teach at Oxmoor but RTJ execs cut all independent contractor (including teaching pros) Jan 1 2021. Dumb move on their part in my opinion. He's at Timberline, Heatherwood, and Ballantrae now. I was sold on them because during my first lesson, as we talked about goals he said his philosophy is to not get you a perfect swing but a repeatable one because we can't/don't practice everyday. He said he could teach me to hit it further or work it both ways etc. but if we focus on ball striking and hit more greens, scores will go down.
  12. I agree. When I saw them, I immediately thought of True Links and Cuater.
  13. I saw that NOBULL recently released a golf shoe https://www.nobullproject.com/collections/golf?page=1 I used to do a lot of CrossFit and these shoes were really popular when they first came out. I think they are still pretty popular but there is a running joke that they have not changed their style or features since they were launched over 5 years ago, maybe 10 years? Their claim is that it is no frills and all you need in a shoe. I'm guessing this is their same claim for the golf shoes. For a no frills golf shoe, $180 seems a little steep. Hopefully they show up in the next spikeless tests.
  14. I have major flat feet and it has been a challenge to find the right golf shoes / insert combo. I used to / still run a good bit and am fortunate that my brother in law owns a running store. Here is what I have found and works- The shoes matter a lot and not for the same reason running shoes matter. I have found that many golf shoes use the sock liner (the factory shoe insert) as the cushioning. FootJoy being the first to come to mind. So if you have a pair of these and remove the factory insert to put in an after market, there will be little to no cushioning. I've found that Under Armour, Puma, and Adidas to have thing sock liners that can be removed without removing cushioning. Inserts - If you have a Fleet Feet running store in your area, schedule a fitting for some tennis shoes. Most stores have foot scanner and pressure plate to show you how you walk. They can then recommend the type of running shoe, insert, and even thickness of sock that would work best for your feet. Fleet Feet should have a bunch of Inserts for you to try in your golf shoes. My favorite are Superfeet and the style will depend on your golf shoe and feet. I currently wear the Black ones in my UA Matchplay but the blue running ones work best in my Pumas. I think Superfeet has a huge untapped Golf market. TL;DR - Go to a running store and bring in your golf shoes to try as many as they have.
  15. I have thought about getting the putter for my office so many times, but the Kirkland Logo is so ugly, I can't do it. It feels like NASCAR sponsorships.
  16. Take the plunge. It's worth it if you find someone good. Get a pack of 4 lessons and spread them out over a few months. After your first one, you will probably play like crap because you are mixing old swing with new but eventually, you will pick up the right feel.
  17. The Open adds such a great change of pace for the Tour in terms of visuals, shot making, and weather. How come there aren't a few a more links courses on Tour? I know Trinity Forrest had its chance and USGA Am was at Bandon a couple years ago, but how great would it be for there to be a stop at Cabot, Bandon, Streamsong, or any number of the nebraska/SD courses?! Kiawah had some of these elements and was a huge success. I know a lot of these are resort courses and would take away from guest play for a number of weeks during peak times but I think it would be good for the game. It would be great to see pros and commentators talk about how grass and landscaping doesn't need to look like Augusta.
  18. First off this morning at my course. Started out with a 3 putt and the front 9 was scrambling. Finshed strong on the back though. Had 3 lip outs for birdies. Oxmoor Valley - Ridge 84- 44/40; 9 GIR; 7 FIR; 35 putts Funny story - watched a hawk pick up my golf ball off the fairway. I chased after it and the ball was eventually dropped. Never thought I would actually see that happen. Good start to a friday.
  19. @Pmookie - I may take you up on that at some point!
  20. What if we shoot for a December day at Mossy Oak in West Point MS? It looks to be a fairly central spot with the few on this thread. Hopefully the group will grow! I'm out on any golf trips from August - November.
  21. I know there are a number of threads about carrying vs push cart and I believe that there was a recent study (maybe done by Arrccos or shotscope?) that showed that push cart makes you less tired. Well, my home course is very hilly and while it is nice to have a push cart on flat sections and down hills, pushing it up is never fun. Recently one of my playing partners started carrying and found that walking up a hill and being able to lean forward with bag on your back was much more comfortable and easier than the push cart. So, I was thinking how cool it could be Arccos or shotscope to be able to use the elevation data they have of the course, ask if the round was walking or riding, and if walking is it push cart or carry. What are your thoughts, is it easier to carry your bag on a hill course or use a push cart?
  22. Some may disagree with this but I’ve found that Biloxi MS can be done on a budget with quality courses. Stay either nearby or find a casino deal. Go in the summer (yes it will be hot and humid). For $125 you can play unlimited at the preserve golf club one day and it includes a meal. Then do a twilight or 2 rounds at Grand Bear which wouldn’t break the bank either. If you have any money left over, the casinos will gladly take it. The casino food and buffets are actually reasonable compared to other resorts and casinos.
  23. A handful of American and PGA players in competition getting adjusted before The Open. Who you got?
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