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  1. Not the driver shaft but I have the m5 300f which is HEAVY (89g). But I really like it. Doesn’t feel board stiff but is also definitely an x flex in the way I can feel I can manipulate it. It’s definitely a rocket launcher with a sim ti. Great off the tee. Still trying to get it higher off the deck. But the driver shaft sounds great. I w been a huge fan of Accra shafts and play the tour x rpg 472 as well. Love the way that feels as a xx.
  2. So i'm kind of lost on this one. I more wanted possibilities here, since I know there's a lot of moving parts and ways that this could be possible. But here's my question. I have 2 VERY different sets of irons. One is an older set of MP32's and one is a newer set of M6's. the blades are obviously very traditionally set up, with a 35* 7 iron. The M6 is 6.5* stronger at 28.5*. Despite this, and this goes to my question, there's very little separation in the distance that I'm getting out of them. Both are right in the 175 range, so it's not like I'm lacking speed for them. I generally hit at a toptracer range (which i'm sure isn't perfectly accurate), but when comparing like to like, and doing it often enough, I'm not sure that's a big issue. Since I got both clubs used, neither shaft is fit for me. M6's have a high/high KBS Max 85, and the MP32's have PX Rifle Flighted 5.0 shafts. So neither are ideal for faster swing speed. But I've noticed that the launch when I square up the M6's is insane. One thing that I noticed is that I've had upwards of 27 degree launch angles (sitting pretty regularly 23-25, can't give you a number, but less than that on the blades) on the M6 (obviously don't have spin metrics from toptracer). I have hit some freak balls that have landed at almost 200, but very rarely. Anyone know what could be the root cause of this. Is it just that I'm launching it so high that it's killing distance? I'm typically pretty sweepy in terms of club path so the high launch shaft and club would make sense I guess? Anyone have any ideas? I'm more curious than anything about the dynamics of it here.
  3. Awesome, would love to try these out. New York, NY 15 handicap taylormade M6/Mizuno MP-32 depending on how confident I am that week haha
  4. Yep, It's almost sad how much I obsessed over it for the last week or two, still pissed I pulled the trigger on the MP-32's and missed out on the 900 tour/Forged deal. I think the Forged are going to be exactly what I wanted out of the clubs. If nothing else I'll use the MP-32's to learn how to really strike irons. I'm very much a feel player, and I remember hitting my dads old MP-60s and I absolutely LOVED the feeling of them (the club weight was perfect, I dislike lighter irons, and want something heavier at the end, which is part of the reason I want to upgrade). So maybe the feel of the clubs will help me out on the ball striking front. We'll see when I actually get the clubs haha.
  5. Yeah, They're going for right around 300-350 on ebay right now, hoping with the new release and if I monitor ebay enough, I'll be able to find a good deal. I know the 32's are a pretty well known club, so maybe they'll be more forgiving than I expect I'm just getting to playing weekly after only playing a couple times a year for the last 5-10, so I'm no expect but my irons have been the best part of my game by far.
  6. I’m hoping to get a real steal on EBay at some point for the forged. Have old x-14s that im probably too good for now, and just got mp-32s that I haven’t hit yet, that I got super cheap from a family member, but I really don’t think I’m good enough for those yet. I’m really annoyed though, I missed out on a split set of forged(4-6)/tour(7-9) 900s that went for $165 on eBay. Hope I can find something in the 150-250 range in the 900 or 919s when the new JPXs come out.
  7. Yeah that’s what I’ve heard. I just don’t know if I should be playing them right now. I’m a ok to good ball striker (usually hit the center of the club, issue is more fat/thin most of the time) but if nothing else I’ll use them to learn how to really strike the ball with. But like I said the JPX line seems exactly where I need to be in terms of skill level. I finally got back into playing consistently the last month or so, after playing sparsely, so maybe if I keep it up this summer by the end I’ll be good enough to play Them somewhat consistently.
  8. Huh I’ve heard the same about the MP-32s but hadn’t heard about the x-14s the same way but that’s good to know. Wasn’t planning on getting rid of either. Love the x-14s and played them well, but I think they’ve done their job now. Felt like the JPX line should be the next step up, but maybe I’ll work my way into the Mp-32 set using the 6 iron up from the x-14 set.
  9. Was just curious. I need to upgrade my 20 year old Calloway starter set (love my x-14s) but don’t have a huge budget. Does anyone know if when the new clubs are released there would be a big drop in price on the 900/919 forged? Got a set of MP-32s from some family but I don’t think I can hit those well yet (just getting back into playing consistently after playing maybe twice a year for the last 5-10 years). The forged seem like perfect steps in between the two. Pissed I just missed out on an eBay sale where a mixed tour (7-p) and forged (4-6) went for just over $150.
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