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  1. 1. 17 handicapper in Springfield Missouri 2. I currently play a set of Titleist 735 CM irons 3-pw. I average about 145 when hitting an 8 iron. 3. I know some about Sub 70 as I have been looking into new irons this year and used the mygolfspy 2019 most wanted to help me on my search. I am very interested in trying out the 699 pro irons. I think that Sub 70 is making it very easy to get a "custom" fit set of irons to people at a very good price
  2. Logan Corner, Springfield MO I currently use the 18birdies app on my phone. I find it moderately accurate but its a bit slow. I don't own a rangefinder at the moment so this has been my only way other than on course markers to determine my yardage.
  3. Logan Corner/ Springfield MO I typically spend about 10 minutes each night rolling a few putts around in my house and about 15 minutes before my round on the weekend. I have gotten a bit better already this year and only three putt about 3-4 times per round currently. I am a huge numbers nerd so seeing that as it relates to my putting is what has me interested. Being able to see the areas on my putting that need the most improvement would be a huge help.
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