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  1. Justin Bend, Oregon iPhone 12 indoors and outdoors. My range is still open in the winter Will You be Using a Net: yes, I have a net in my garage. Would love to test and see what type of feedback this provides
  2. Justin / Bend, Oregon / USA Scotty Cameron Newport 2 and Stroke Lab Seven Would love to try the Anser 2 and Tyne 3. I think they would be a good comparison to the current putters I have. I like the firm feel of my newport, its a non milled face. Would be interested to see if the Ping technology has made this more forgiving.
  3. Totally checked both of those! Noticed that neither of them had TaylorMade bags.
  4. The regular hoofer is over 5 lbs and I think the light is as well... I am not even sure if I will notice the 1-2 lbs but figured it all adds up during a round.
  5. So I keep comparing everything and at some point I need to just make a decision but, i wanted to get some opinions I initially narrowed it down to the 2019 flextech light and the 2020 Titleist 4 players. Leaning towards the TM for weight but, my old hoofer is a 4 way and it might be nice to have a 5 way... so the 2019 Flextech is on sale but we are back up to the 4.5 lb range... this also depends on what site you look on for weight. I really do not need that many pockets. I also like the strap systems that are like traditional straps like old hoofers but I am open to others. is there a lightweight 5 way out there? Or any other bags or opinions to consider?
  6. Justin Bend, Oregon it says 8... 82-88 Callaway Apex let the lefties test!!!
  7. Newbie that just found this... I am a local in Bend, would love to connect if this outting happens. Sounds like the Bend trip for this week is cancelled but, if we try later in the summer, I am down.
  8. I really love the blue of the st180s... I am leaning towards them purely because of the added color.
  9. I am trying to find a deeper face 3 wood. Would love to be a bit more comfortable off the tee.
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