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  1. I tried that thanksz but still same. Support have emailed me back confirming there is an issue with certain Huawei devices which they are working on
  2. Ye, tried everything you can think of, it just won't connect to my phone ( p30 Pro) ye it's fine with the Mrs phone ( s9) Went back to the v2 just to make sure wasn't Bluetooth or anything and that's fine still. I can get the phone to pair with the watch just not the app, I've emailed them will see what they come back with
  3. Ye it also pairs to the phone, but just can't get it pair with my phone via the app just says failed or timeouts. No issue with the v2 and can also pair the v3 to the Mrs phone...
  4. I ordered mine last week and turned up today... However, no matter what I try and cannot get it to pair with my phone via Bluetooth, anyone else had issues?
  5. I've just ordered mine. Question, does it use the same tags from the v2 (ie can I just use the watch without changing the tags)
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