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  1. I have pre-ordered the armlock version of the Grandsport 35... time is not moving fast at the moment! Not sure if armlock is my thing to start with, but I believe in the theory and it's not like I'm a pro golfer and have much to lose. I might putt like rubbish for a while, but there's no guarantee I wouldn't have done so with my current putter either. I'm super excited about getting familiar with it!
  2. Apart from that it sometimes (not too often, hopefully) can be useful to have a left-handed club in weird positions where I can't make a right-handed swing, I am a lefty in other sports, and I think that my natural feeling has more potential with a left-handed wedge. I'm gonna give it a go when I find a reasonable wedge. I have seen others with a left-handed club in their bag, but it has been a roughed up old 7-iron for emergencies and not a wedge for feeling in the shortgame. Most golfers play right-handed, but those numbers are not the same in other sports. I have no intention to play left all through the set, but to experiment with my shortgame where feeling is extra important, could be interesting. I like to play around (as a lefty) in other sports, and would look like an ass if I tried any of it with a right-stick. I imagine I would feel more creative and playful with my shortgame with a left-handed wedge. Has anyone considered this or perhaps tried it, and in that case, how did it pan out?
  3. I do feel that I fit the bill here. I've never been a big fan of offset to begin with, and that's the main reason why I usually don't like the look of more forgiving clubs. Since the Titleist 981 I've only played Callaway X-Prototype, because I liked the look. This season I decided to change to one length, and did consider a custom fitting for Cobra King Forged Tec, but due to the pandemic and the need to travel 2-3 hours to make that happen, I went with used Cobra King Forged for now. I have owned Cobra King F8 too, but I found them very awkward somehow. I know it wasn't really the clubs, but my fault. But my results did not improve one bit because those irons were more forgiving. When I misshit those, my thick shots were just as thick, and even if off-center hits felt "better", the shots were still terrible. I simply want to play well with an equipment I like. If I struggle, I need to work harder.
  4. I have never been too fussed about it, really! That my current clubs are very loyal to Cobra comes from the decision to go for One Length clubs, and while there are other brands who makes single length clubs, the choice wasn't difficult. Before I had an older Cobra driver and spoon, Callaway irons, Cobra wedges and a Taylor Made (Nubbins ) putter. I haven't received all the stuff I've written that I have, but I have paid for it! I'm still missing the 4 iron and the bag (it's currently a grey/orange Cobra Ultralight), but I'm changing due to the addition of JumboMax XL grips. From what I read it's not a perfect fit, but it should be better than my current bag, where I feel like I struggle at times even with standard grips. I've ordered stuff from eBay, and the delivery times (to Sweden) are no joke sometimes. I'm happy if my gear is ready mid-July... Anyway, I like use the same brand if I can, but it's not more important than performance. BUT the feeling when a brand that one does not really like (for some reason) performs best...
  5. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing since 1996 or something like that. I had my peak in the early 2000's when most of my friends were reasonably even. Then some became too good and others simply quit playing. The last 12 years or so I haven't played much. Mostly because I haven't had any steady golf buddies and playing alone... no thanks! In my teens I was not the most ambitious, but the lowest hcp achieved was 11. With the new hcp system I'm currently a very inconsistent 17,9. What do you love about golf? It has been different things as the years have passed. When I was younger it was simply to score as good as possible, lower my hcp. It didn't matter if I was lucky or not. Now I'm more about trying to find consistency on a level I'm comfortable with. Deep inside, even if I try to be reasonable, I still dream of playing a course on par, and I will work towards that kind of stability, even if it's a tall order. But that is one thing I love about golf, to challenge myself. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I believe I googled for opinions about golf bags suitable for JumboMax XL grips and ended up here. I've always been a nerd, but not so much in golf... until Bryson DeChambeau appeared! Now I'm full of thoughts and ideas and what could be better than a forum like this? I don't know anyone here, yet. Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm from Sandviken, Sweden. My home course is Högbo GK. It has one 18 hole course and one 9 hole course. I usually play the 9 holes because that's usually what the ones I play with want. I do prefer 18 holes though. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing is that it is reasonably close to where I live (I wish it was closer, but still... ), about 5km. Worst thing is that I can't play all year around, and if the summer is bad weatherwise, it might ruin the relatively short season. What do you do for a living? I work in a kind of laboratory, performing all sorts of tests to metal strips used for everything from razor blades to dress the inside of a nuclear reactors. Check that the material is as good as we promise our customers. How’d you pick your user name? It has followed me on many places, perhaps too many! I tried it here and it was available, and here I am!
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