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  1. @hckymeyer this is me saying “why the ******* **** is that fade not coming back”
  2. It’s not bad. The Fife Riviera.
  3. Didn’t keep score played with a mate who’s learning. never played the course before and meh won’t be back.
  4. I did not place in the top five.
  5. Let’s go!!!! Now it’s a quick step to always under 90 then 80 on the horizon!!!
  6. Yeah most important thing is hitting the shot you like.
  7. That’s screeeeeeaming out for a mega fade to my eye… unless you swing wrong handed.
  8. Good. 14/15 fairways 17/18 greens 26 putts.
  9. Are you standing at Are you standing at the ball there?
  10. Played Lundin Links today. In true links fashion it’s drier than Sahara and playing about a 16 stint on the fairway. so my greatest shot of the day was laying up 20 yards on a par3 and letting it run a good 60 yards to the back pin. I love links. So stupid.
  11. Oooooooh. I don’t really like how MMC look but you can not argue with the performance. MP-20. Yeah I don’t need to say anything. great set up.
  12. So… the zforged… I don’t like them, we never clicked it was a me not a them thing. I like feedback and honestly think they’re to soft that they hide mishits in sound, you can feel it but it’s hard to put two and two together on some shots. The V sole, while I can see the benefit to many people I play links mostly and I found the V sole stopping me digging through the Turf like I like, maybe I could have got used to both but I didn’t want a set of irons “that do” so I bought P7MB and thankfully sold the zforged one hour later. Pics and a review to come
  13. I’ve purchased a second 4 iron which I’ll shorten for testing. Same head and shaft. Gripping down while technically working never feels the same mentally so it’s hard to swing completely with it. will post results and data after a TrackMan session.
  14. Ahhh swing changes. The great humbler of the masses.
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