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  1. Hey guys, I’ve been out the game for 5 months now after a work shoulder injury. I’m getting back playing but feel my shoulder after 7-9 holes. I’ve been advised to try graphite shafts for a bit to build up the strength and muscles again but can’t find any local to try. so I need help on finding a graphite shaft that plays like my Modus 120 X my swing speed has remained the same it’s just the impacts that get to me. any advice is greatly appreciated on the 105TX vs 95S in the mmts
  2. Purchased a Radspeed 3 wood then got a Tour AD for it at 42” for more reliability and less distance off the tee. felt the Sim titanium was a bit to long for gapping and when a steal comes along it’s rude not too.
  3. I putted so bad today. I reckon I hit every part of the putter face twice today toe, heel top bottom just horrific.
  4. Teething to get back to full swing in the videos, did the presenting feel a little clunky? Yeah. Will it improve? Yeah. still the best YouTube for info.
  5. Whilst I completely agree for roll and spin. Range balls are great great tool for drilling chipping swing lengths. really getting a feel of what a half swing is takes a lot of reps and watching it back on video to say yeah or no it’s miles off.
  6. I’ve been really working in flighting down the golf ball for months now and I finally after todays practice round think I am now in control of it. Plenty low flighted 7 irons that still span and stopped and a lush if I say so myself pitching wedge kept well down out the wind that one hop stopped exactly as planned. course was too wet to really do much practice practice but the thought of an hour on the range didn’t find joy so I meandered along enjoying playing golf.
  7. If I hadn’t bought a spider recently, if you didn’t live on a different continent and that was 34” I would buy this. truly special looking flat stick.
  8. You can plug the gap or learn a 3/4 smooth PW. Maybe choke down an inch. That should fill the gap perfectly. it’s something I think every player should know is the gapping of full 3/4 and 1/4 PW and Gap wedge as well as choking down with the same wedges. Usually find you don’t need the exact yard club often and we as amateurs are not anywhere near good to 100% swinging a wedge for accuracy.
  9. Warmed up and practiced with the new 3 wood tonight. Focused on pausing at the the top to keep the swing steps in step. will need to probably adjust the shaft length as I forgot how long Cobra are from standard.
  10. Bought a new spider(again) so rolled the ball indoors today, rolling great on carpet will see on the green stuff next month. playing the reopened Dundonald Links better find some game to take.
  11. Has anyone bought these? how did they fit? Small or large?
  12. I practiced bad golf it seems. pulled every iron 10 yards off line and pushed every 3 wood 20 yards off line. bad day at the office but it’s winter so hey ho.
  13. Eurgh my first reply failed. bit ultimately I’d like clarity on why you think club design/developments warrants a 30* 7 iron. it’s just not necessary.
  14. Just mentally looking at my bag and seeing two gap wedges would play on my mind for 18 every time. am I mentally weak? Yes.
  15. P7MC have arrived. Very happy back to Z Grips
  16. Yeah I get it’s just a different number but the 7 iron was a degree stronger than my 6 and that means I need a ton more wedges and it’s just A. Pointless and B. f****** annoying. I thought Mizuno were above the “my pw goes further than your 8 bro” crowd.
  17. Hit the 225 yesterday sounds great, flies incredible just saddened by Mizuno going strong lofted though would have been better traditional I feel. spun wonderful and descent rate of mostly 50ish on a 7 iron is pure $$$ I will add again the sound was unbelievable
  18. Get that face open and keep the out to in
  19. Yeah these do not please my eye. Sure they’ll perform like Vokeys always do but they look like the worst part of SM8 and SM7 got together and bumped uglies.
  20. Went for an iron fitting refresh checking loft and lies. really nice seeing how lie can change shot shape, bank to natural baby fades delightful.
  21. Does anyone have the putter cover and know if a wide putter Ala scotty square back will fit?
  22. Went on eBay looking for possible iron trade. I now own a Radspeed 3 wood again 7X @14.5 just how I like it. Anyone want a sim ti?
  23. Apex Pro 21 Great Great players distance club and I believe should be very targeted at the older golfer who can still shape the ball how they want but maybe lost a mph or 10 from there swing. very easy to shape left and right, knock down swings react very well height and spin wise, 4 iron can play bullet bullet stingers low when needed. only problem is they are so hot off the face, I don’t mean fliers I mean every shot is a good 10 yards longer than a MC or MB. Even catching the toe a little as I can sometimes loses zero distance these irons are just HOT.
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