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  1. Mine is just repetition, Take all your wedges, set a target at 25yds, 35yds and 50yd. Then take 25 balls at first distance with favorite wedge, get exact back swing and follow thru. Like my 54° at knee high and waist high follow thru is about 30 yd carry with a roll out. Then do that with every club to know a shot type. Like I found out that I like my 50° at 35 yd for a lower flying chip shot.
  2. Great insight from you all on these golf balls. It is hard to switch from the Pro V1. I have tried multiple times but always gravitate back to Pro V1's. Tried Taylor Made TP5 and TP5X which I feel are too spiny and launch to high for me, Srixon Z-Star was good around the green and putting, but did not like them off the tee, the Bridgestone Tour B XS was the closest to the Pro V1's. But all of these are all about the same price 45-50+ for a dozen, so I was looking for options.
  3. What are thoughts on these Vice Pro Plus balls? I saw that they rated very well against the Titleist Pro V1. Normally play the Pro V1, but I found a Vice Pro Plus on the course and played a couple of holes with it and I like it. I am about to make 2022 ball purchase and load up for the year and 5 -12 packs for $144 plus shipping/tax What is long term wear and tear on them, do they tear up?
  4. I smoke this driver, it has eliminated my slice but now working a draw.
  5. Michael, Nebraska 460 model Current Driver- Tour Edge Exotic Beta 8- 8.5 swing speed 105
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