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  1. So how it went?? I only saw your post here! I have followed u! keep going! I want new giveaway!
  2. Well, mostly i use instagram however i have an acoount on every of these social networks, however there is tiktok that i haven't even tried. I just don't like that network to be honest. It did not imprese me with anything. Nevertheless i understand that it is probably the most popular at this exact moment. As i said, besides instagram i am using all of them, but not that much, as i like instagram much more than any other network. However there are a lot of things i do not like about it. Also, i tried to buy instagram followers, in order to see how their system is woking in detecting these ''bo
  3. Playing on high stakes is awesome. I always play on high stakes because the feeling is awesome . I bet on games with 10000$ and if I win then I double my money. I always double or nothing because if it works then I will have a lot more money than I started. I only stop when I feel like it is enough. The only online casino that I use is https://playincasino.online/mobile-casinos/, because I can play on my phone. This online casino has a lot of games like lotto, black jack and poker. This online casino has the greatest mobile version that I could find on google.
  4. You are absolutely right. I used to run into this problem as well because I am an android user, samsung galaxy z flip model. I really hated that I couldn’t use the Arccos app and I couldn’t realize why. Well after I asked my nephew and he explained pretty much the same as you did. I tried to avoid using other apps during my round and texting or emailing while Arccos is running but still had the problem with the battery consumption. And since then I don't use it anymore because I don't want to kill my phone.
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