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  1. Paul San Antonio Texas Handicap 20 Burner plus irons/ Cobra forged one working on switching to one length but not sure it's for me my gaping is off from what ive noticed in the simulator
  2. Paul San Antonio Texas Currently play cbx wedges Would pick 50*,54*,&58*
  3. 19 handicap San Antonio Texas Burner plus irons 8 iron 165 I have been looking at the sub 70 irons for about a month now was looking at getting some but have not pulled the trigger yet would love to test them
  4. Paul renker-san Antonio Texas I use hole 19, arccos, and hole 19 on my huawii watch 2. I get my yardage from hole 19
  5. Paul San Antonio Texas I putt a couple of times a week in to a hole I 3d printed and about 10-15 minutes before a round I 3 putt 2-6 times a round Putting on the carpet is cool but doesn't always translate to the course so it would be cool to see if this would help with speed control and how it affects break
  6. Paul/Texas Handicap 20 Current hybrid burner 3 along with others I rotate still trying to find the right one Most important thing for me is feeling comfortable knowing I can hit it straight
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