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  1. Hello Testers! I appreciate this opportunity to get first hand opinions from you, as I'm looking to upgrade my hybrids asap. These clubs are a new consideration for me. I'm surprised and intrigued that Sub70 did so well against the big boys in this Most Wanted category and look forward to your answers: 1 - do the 949X 3 and 4 hybrids an have an average footprint and face size? 2 - how do they perform from the rough? 3 - how many testers have actually put the 949X's in your bag? Thanks in advance! Tess
  2. Hello MGS Members, Looking for any comments, advice and hopefully a review or two regarding these super game improvement irons from Sub 70. They have no reviews on their website so I'm reaching out to see what I can find. My wife golfs infrequently and needs help getting the ball airborne with her irons. I've been looking at Cleveland Launcher Halo's, Cobra T-rails etc. but recently stumbled onto Sub 70 through MGS hi-lights and am intrigued with these 799 irons. Sub 70 has a Canadian office in BC so it would be nice to avoid the duty charges as well. Anyway, I'm not sure how the 799's would hold up in comparison to the runner up in the Super Game Improvement category this year, Cleveland Launcher Halos. They are pricier than the 799's but I'm more interested in forgiveness at this point. I look forward to all replies and I thank you in advance. If any MGS staff have inside info on these, it would be helpful. Maybe this is a good topic for future Most Wanted, "Womens SGI equipment? Tess
  3. Ian Ontario, Canada Ping G15's, regular graphite 7 iron = 135 With an average score of 92, this 65 year old would love to crack the 80's! Iron distance is a must for me now. Thanks for the opportunity MGS!
  4. Sorry to stray off topic again (interesting thread btw) but thought I'd simply add to the comments about smoking/tobacco. My good friend and golfing buddy was diagnosed with mouth/tongue, throat and larnyx cancer on Oct. 1/11. I quit smoking that evening. I won't gross you guys out with details but please believe me when I say, he's been through hell, yes that's understated. His wife and family are devastated and although the doctors have done amazing things, we are fearing the worst and praying for the best. Very nasty disease guys....quit, period.
  5. Tess

    Rapture V3

    Agree 100%. I've always respected Ping because of their stance in the the industry. Now that I'm a new Ping customer (G15's) I find myself more loyal to them than I thought possible at this early stage. From the fitting to ordering to registering and finally playing the equipment, I can't say enough about the experience. Having said that.....I'm even more anxious to see a spy shot of V3 Rapture/K series!!!
  6. Tess

    Rapture V3

    Thanks for your responses. I'll look forward to hearing what the MGS members come up with! Agree that Ping has a strict "Loose Lips" policy in force. Just hope someone at Ping accidently hits the wrong button on their cell phone! haha
  7. Tess

    Rapture V3

    I recently heard that considering Pings product cycle, we should see the Rapture V3 lineup this fall. Given the success of the G15 line, I'm very curious about how/if Ping can improve on the performance of their drivers. Any of you spys have information on what's coming down the pipe? I'm looking hard at a G15 driver with a custom shaft but may wait for more news on a V3 Rapture.
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