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  1. This is a sweet opportunity, hopefully I get lucky! Braden Spanish Fork, UT Ping G10 Handicap: 12 Speed: 105-110 mph Preferred Trial: TSi2
  2. 1. Braden; Spanish Fork UT 2. I don't really practice my putting in the winter. There is an indoor trackman facility I use that has a small putting green but I don't feel like it's very effective. 3. I have used quite a few different indoor putting mats before and I don't feel like any of them give the true roll like you see on the course. Most of them I have used are all too fast and have bumps either from folding the material or from the surface beneath that throw the ball off line. 4. Medium speed seems to fit what I usually play on. Good luck everyone!!!
  3. Braden, Spanish Fork Utah I would like the 460 but would definitely be interested in the 440 version as well. My swing speed ranges from 104-108 depending on the day. I have access to a trackman powered facility that can measure lots of data that I think would provide some good insight as to how the driver works for me. I have been testing both the SIM and Maverick drivers recently to upgrade from my current PING G10 driver. Thanks guys! This would be fun to try out. I am currently gaming the Honma T//world wedges that won the most wanted wedge test of 2019 and was reall
  4. Hey Everyone, I am new to the MyGolfSpy forums, but I have been reading the articles, listening to NoPuttsGiven and browsing their Most Wanted lists for the last 6 months or so. 1. "How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score?" I have been golfing since I was around 12 when my dad would take me on rounds with him and i would get to hit a few balls while we were waiting for the group ahead. Slowly I got to play more and more and soon enough I was keeping pace with the old man and his buddies (that is no impressive feat let me assure you). I played m
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