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  1. Kyle P. Milwaukee, WI I walk every round possible. I use the Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4.
  2. Kyle P. Milwaukee, WI iPhone 8+ Primarily indoors over the winter (would use outdoors in the spring) Will be using a net over the winter (not in the spring)
  3. Kyle P. / Milwaukee, WI I have used a hitting net briefly in the past, but have been considering getting one this year due to playing more golf and my desire to keep my swing in shape throughout the winter. I use sensors on my club for tempo, face angle, etc., but I would plan to buy one along with the net.
  4. Kyle P. / Milwaukee, WI Right Handed Golfer First Choice: UiHi Driving Iron 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff Second Choice: VKTR+ Hybrid 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff 12.9 I currently play an Adams 22 degree hybrid
  5. Kyle P. Milwaukee, WI Taylormade R1 Super TP 12.9 110 TSi3
  6. Kyle P. from Milwaukee, WI Put on a low profile carpet or off of a yoga mat and then across a laminate basement floor. I use a putting mirror and a stroke cadence sensor. I don't own one, but have used them in the past and enjoy them. I worry about the quality of a lower priced option, and am considering spending more to get one with a consistent roll. Medium - 10-11 Stimpmeter
  7. Kyle / Milwaukee, WI / USA Ping Anser Milled #5 Fetch - It looks great and I've been looking at switching to a mallet putter. The copper and black coloring on the black looks great for alignment and straight-back-straight-through swings.
  8. Kyle P. Milwaukee, WI 12.9 handicap Mizuno MP-53 (2011)
  9. Kyle Milwaukee, WI Mizuno MP-T10 52/07, 56/13, 60/08 I would choose a 52 degree mid bounce to use on full/partial approach shots, and for various short game shots from good lies.
  10. 12.9 handicap Milwaukee, WI I currently play Mizuno MP-53s, and my full 8 iron distance is about 160 yards I know Sub70 sells direct to consumers at lower prices than other brands. I learned about them earlier this season through my golf spy and their testing, and they appear to hold up well against their competition.
  11. Kyle P from Milwaukee, WI Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)? I use the Golfshot app on my iphone, and have used several other apps. Current method of determining yardage: Golfshot app or a rangefinder
  12. Kyle P Milwaukee, WI I typically practice putting for 20 minutes 2-3 times per week. I 3 putt about once per round. The data on my putting path and face angle to improve consistency.
  13. First Name/City State: Kyle / Milwaukee, WI Desired to Test: 460 preferred (would also test 440) Swing Speed: 109 mph Current Driver: Taylormade R1
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