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  1. I'd be interested to see how Maxfli Tour X compares to Pro V1x and TP5x Paying $60 for two dozen seems like a great deal.
  2. I'm old school and prefer yardage books. Then I pace from fairway yardage markers. It works. You'll never run out of batteries or suffer technical difficulties with a yardage book. I also prefer to walk the course with a cigar versus riding in a cart with a speaker playing country music. And my cell phone stays in the car, never on the course.
  3. My two best training aids 1. Alignment stick - when the snow in my driveway melts, I use one of the driveway marker reflector sticks as an alignment aid on the range. 2. Two pennies. Place on on either side of the ball on the putting green. When looking over the ball, one should see equal amounts of each penny. Then you know your eye is centered directly above the ball.
  4. Mark Reynolds - Massachusetts Have a Bushnell rangefinder. Would like to compare with SkyCaddie LX5. Also use yardage book and course markers. Play 6-7 days week at many different courses. A GPS watch would be very useful vs taking out my rangefinder. Having a picture of individual holes would be terrific. Please consider to be a tester. Playing lots of different courses would provide excellent feedback.
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