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  1. Lol...you must have some super human skills to know how many rpms you reduced on your driver without being on a LM. Saying you reduced by more than 2000 rpms is kinda ridiculous. I guess you could of had the worst fit driver in the world, completly changed your impact angles, and switched to the best fit driver in world.
  2. Good explanation by golfspy t. Just to add I have worked with an instructor who has the trackman numbers of over 70 tour players. Only two played a closed face draw (pull draw) and I think there were 8 or 9 that played an open face fade (push fade). All the other players hit draws with an open face or fades with a closed face.
  3. I would rather not say...don't really think it's my place to say. I do know the videos are out there on the internet. I'm not really sure if he was talking about swing flaws or not. The way I took it was he actually thought a drive with more backspin was more accurate because it didn't allow the ball to spin sideways as much. Obviously, this is crazy and i'm sure he now realizes how wrong he was. Good Post!!
  4. Why do you say sidespin is the term used to express how far off of the vertical or absolute straight spin? Almost everytime I hear someone talk about sidespin or read something about sidespin that person actually thinks the ball is spinning both sideways and backwards. Thats the whole problem and is just adding to the confusion of people thinking backspin cancels out sidespin. I'm not saying I have concept of 4.3* or 1.2* but I also have no concept of 1500 rpms vs 100 rpms sidespin. How is that easier to understand...It confuses people and is wrong. What concept is easier to understand? I went to a clinic last year from a VERY popular teacher. There were probably 50 people at the clinic and 4 or 5 camera's rolling. He claimed Driver fittings are flawed because they focus on reducing backspin. He said while this will add distance it will decrease accuracy because you need more backspin to cancel out the sidespin. 100% wrong. A draw and fade with equal ball speeds, launch angles, and spin rates will go equal distances and roll equal distances. This sounds like when people used to say the draws landed with topspin and rolled further. Trackman and other tracking devices have showed that everything else being equal there is no distance advantage to a draw or fade. Maybe it goes further for you because your draw impact alignments are better than your fade impact alignments.
  5. Trackman guys can explain this better but backspin AND sidespin don't exist. The myth that backspin cancels out sidespin isn't really an accurate way of explaining what happens. The ball only spins one way...90 degrees to its axis. The ball curves when the axis is tilted. There is an explanation for why the axis gets tilted less with clubs that have more loft but I probably can't explain it correctly. I think there is a video out on youtube somewhere....maybe try a search for "Joe Mayo Trackman" or something like that.
  6. Do we have to make a special order to get the decals made for a white driver?
  7. What about pic 2? Is it possible to have ball speed of 156 from a club head speed of 89? Doesn't seem like these are actual results.
  8. Has anyone hit the Version 2 L head. My understanding is the CG is lower so launch is higher. I wasn't sure if it was lower spin as well? Any other differences?
  9. Did you find it to be more forgiving than the r11 tp? How was accuracy?
  10. Just bought a set of Adams mb2's. I have read in another thread that this stuff will keep the rust under control: "Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf Cloth". Does anyone have any experience with this or anything else that prevents the rust??
  11. For those of you who have tried out the Adams MB2...did you notice a lot side spin on your shots or were they fairly straight? Looking into getting a set but last time I played blades then spun all over the place.
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