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  1. Trust me - you don't even want a poor man's Pro v1. For anyone losing 24 balls in a round spin is your enemy and all tour level balls spin for too much for someone battling a big slice (seems probable in your case). Likewise it is highly unlikely your skill level has progressed to the point where you can take advantage of tour performance whether it be workability, high compression off of a driver, or spin and touch around the greens. I can guarantee your playing Pro V1's is hurting your game more than helping it at this stage, from a Specs point of view Pro V1/Prov1x and the competing premium balls cater to a very small portion of recreational golfers (maybe 5-10%) from a pure physics point of view. Their marketing will certainly convince you otherwise of course. Snell, Vice, Kirkland are all decent quality what I might consider 'off brand' choices, but to be frank you should look for the best sale you can find until you are well under losing maybe a sleeve every time out. We all started where you are now, when paying for balls almost outstripped paying green fees and until you can control the ball the ball itself is a bit less important than simply managing the budget. I also highly recommend looking for balls that are both "soft" with "low spin" rates until you can gain more control. You will feel the difference when you hit a soft ball clean in the center of the face and will start to gain more control. A low compression, low spin ball will keep you out of the deep stuff more off the tee, will provide longer distance, and that will help make the game much more enjoyable sooner. There are several very good used golf ball web sites who also have specials from time to time, which can be important since shipping cost eats away at some of the savings of buying Grade AAAA - essentially flawless 'used' balls. I suggest your next purchase is a minimum 15' long ball retriever and while you are fishing yours out of the lake grab a few more. This may prove the best way for you to try out a lot of new brands until you find something you like. Whatever brand you settle on- avoid buying new or at least non-on-sale balls until the attrition rate falls below 3 ball per round. good luck and enjoy!
  2. Mark, Sacramento, Ca. Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed: 102 MPH
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