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  1. Was an ok experience for me. Very straight off the tee, could get them to stop on the green when flushed with my irons, but no wedge spin from inside 100 yards for me. I typically spin the heck out of the ball and just couldn’t get a grip on these for some reason; might have just been one of those days. I did have to replace a few during the round that I did happen to catch clean. If it went in a bunker, the paint was toast on the way out. Wilson is on to something with this one, just not my cup of tee.
  2. Wilson Triad Review The player: Current gamer - Titleist Pro V1 Handicap or Ave score - 11.4 7 iron carry distance with current ball - 162 Trajectory - high Putter - 2 ball TEN Stroke Lab The ball: Wilson Triad Distance - Similar Trajectory - mid-high, similar Spin - hop and stop if clipped, roll out on most (spin was all over the place, see comments) Feel - Firm, almost heavy Durability (1 round) - Had to replace 3 during the round, no tree or path involved. Rating - Casual Notes or writeup: I wanted to like this ball, I really did. It does exactly what it says it will do: low spin off the driver with “some” green side spin. I’m typically a high spin player into and around the greens and I struggled to control this ball. Full 56 degree shots were rolling out on me unless I flushed them (read as “left paint on the club face”) and then it was hop and stop. My 30 yard pitch shots that normally hop and stop were rolling 20’ out. Off the tee this thing is a dream if you struggle with the curves. I think I hit one draw all day and I was certainly trying to shape it. If you normally “power fade” or “turn it over” with a driver you need to mute those expectations. it’s a solid ball. A lot of folks will lower their scores with this, if they try it. Does it fit at $40? Not for me. I’ll pay the extra 10 for my ProV1. But I do think Wilson is on to something here. I’ll definitely finish the box.
  3. Very lightly used head, has a couple of club impact marks on the crown, but no sky marks. I think it’s in great shape. Has a Mitsubishi Tensai Blue 65g Stiff shaft and a barely used Golf Pride Tour Wrap Midsize. Looking for 250 shipped, will consider offers.
  4. I'm sure this will get a lot of trial from the marketing angle, since most folks are still looking for the elusive "300" off the tee. I fell for it and got fitted for the Stealth, and to be blunt, I hated it. I didn't particularly care for the feel on the few dead center hits I was able to make with it, and it didn't outdo my current stick (Epic Flash 9.0 w/Evenflow Black Stiff) which I can consistently hit the middle of the clubface with. I'm sure a lot of the above is due to the shaft offerings and probably the limitations of the fitter. The guy saw me in an Evenflow and grabbed a Hazardous shaft for me to try...those two are opposite, right? For a lot of folks who have 2018 or earlier stuff...I think this will be a winner from a Marketing standpoint. As far as performance? I think it will take 2-3 iterations of the technology to really make a difference.
  5. Update: I put the Black in my Callaway Epic Flash and I love it. I can keep the trajectory lower now, get more roll in the fairway and even put a baby draw on it. I know exactly where the clubhead is at all times and when I make a mistake, I certainly know it right off the clubface. I can't ask for more than that at an 11 HCP. Callaway Epic Speed, 9 degree set neutral. I have the slider set sightly draw biased. Mid size grips. Love it.
  6. I'm looking for a Master Club Fitter to set my father up with the right gear. He's a Senior who plays 4-5 times per week, pretty good player (Mid to low 80s) but he's playing with a bunch of junk that doesn't fit his swing. I'd love to give him the gift of a proper fitting for Christmas, but don't know where in that area to get it done. I prefer someone who is manufacturer agnostic if possible. Thanks in advance
  7. I have a Green shaft in my Epic Flash, which I really like. Smooth tempo, 100-105 velocity. I hit it really high, but I have always done that. I have a black 75G stiff shaft sitting here waiting on me to get to the range to try it out and see if the lower launch, lower spin models help with that. I like the shaft, though.
  8. I live 30 miles north of there. While you are in the area, I echo the Mid Pines recommendation. One of my favorite tracks. Also need to consider Pinehurst #9. It used to be called "Pinehurst National" and then "The National" before the resort bought it. It's the only Nicklaus layout in Pinehurst area and it's a great track. I would play 9 over 3, but not over 4...but its close. Talamore is awesome, especially since the rebuild (no more llama drama though). Tobacco Road is visually impressive. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE YARDAGE BOOK. DO NOT TRUST YOUR EYES! While you are down this way, get some real NC BBQ (the vinegar style, not that ketchup or mustard stuff) and the best cure for a hangover in the area: Bojangles Cajun Filet Biscuit Combo with Sweet Tea (if you need that kind of thing). Welcome to NC, sir! Enjoy your stay in the land of the longleaf pine.
  9. Topic kind of says it all...anyone know of a place to get OEM parts for a 20 year old putter?
  10. My Bag: Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Supercharged (love it) Driver: Callaway Epic Flash 9.0 (blue 65 shaft) Woods: Callaway Rogue 3 and 5 Hybrids (need help here): Callaway XR 3 and 4 Irons: Mizuno JPX 900 Forged (5-PW) Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3 50/556/60 Putter: Odyssey 2 Ball Ball: Pro V1
  11. Matt/ Cary, NC Current Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3 50/56/60 Desired loft 50/52/54 to capture the majority of my short game shots. I normally use my 50 around the greens.
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