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  1. The more time I spend on this forum the more tempted I am to go drop the money on a LAB... I have to see if it lives up to the hype.
  2. . At its core its a meeting to tell me how much more work I will have for the rest of the year.
  3. Thanks! It is March so I think Irish coffees are acceptable? haha I'll be in Burlington, my boss and CFO are from there so they want us to travel to them for a whiteboard session to go over 2024 KPI planning.
  4. Good morning and Happy Friday folks. Nothing new to report. I'm hoping for a easy day to end the work week but with month-end close I doubt that will be the case. coffee is strong and keeping me going. it's my birthday this weekend so I'll be having some fun with family and friends and then off to Vermont next week for a work trip. I hope everyone has a great day and an even better weekend!
  5. Never saw the link on the main page for it so unfortunately missed this one. I'll definitely be watching the recording though as i was excited to learn a little more about Ghost Golf!
  6. I would say it depends on her learning style and what she wants out of the game. Some people get turned off of golf if they go to an instructor in a formal more serious setting right off the bat. I think someone just starting out has more fun at the range first where one out every couple shots makes it into the air and they get that excitement. if you've been playing for that long and looking at your profile about a 12 hcp I think you have enough knowledge to get her started with grip stance and basics. From there you could move to par 3's or shorter courses and see how she does out on the actual and if she really loves it then move to lessons if she wants to work at it. I think the best thing you can do is make the game fun for beginners before you get too into the weeds of technical swing mechanics.
  7. Nice, I really like the Sig P365X as a replacement for the Shield but I'm in a holding pattern on buying anything new for the time being. I carry appendix mostly and with one in the pipe, even with the Glock with took some getting used too but now I find it most comfortable and the position I've trained with the most so muscle memory is pretty solid from that starting point. In NY we are only allowed 7 rounds so I carry an extra mag with me in a holder on my carry belt or just next to my wallet in my back pocket.
  8. The range I belonged to had outdoor rifle range (300 yards), pistol range (~100 yards), skeet range, and archery range. It also had a 24/7 indoor pistol range which was the biggest draw for me. I had to cancel my membership a little after covid when ammo prices went from expensive to insane and then just never renewed but still know a couple members that I can join as a guest. lol I have a couple buddies that have 60+ acres and fill all their tags each season so with a couple poker nights throughout the year venison is easy to come by. I do carry but the season depends on my EDC. one of my favorites which is year round is my glock 29 in 10MM auto. for summer I typically carry a SW M&P Shield 9MM. Could start a small debate on EDC do you guys go appendix or 4 O'Clock? one in the pipe or need to rack? extra mag or is one enough (probably more for us in states with normal mag capacity laws)?
  9. Love the part about removing political discussion. Always enjoy when there can be civil discussion about what can be a touchy topic for some and both parties can come to some middle ground. That being said I'll chime in this as it's something I've been into for a long time. I hunted as a kid but eventually got out of it with my other sports and hobbies going on. Plus I have enough friends that hunt that can't get through all of their meat so I gladly help them not let it goes to waste. Once I got out of hunting I got into target shooting. The range I belonged to poked out to around 300 yards which was great for my savage tactical chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. I got into pistol and 3-gun comps and loved the modularity of the AR platform. I have a couple different iterations with different sight setups. one being a 1-8X variable vortex optic, one with a dual optic set up with a Trijicon ACOG and 45° offset red dot and the other has a straight holosun red dot (always wanted to upgrade this one to a Eotech). I have a couple pistols ranging from my great Grandfathers Colt M1911 A2 from WW2 with the matching leather US stamped holster to a Glock 19X with a TLR-1 light which is my all time favorite plinking pistol. I'm always hesitant to post pictures so I'll leave you with your imagination on some of the builds I talked about . As @GolfSpy_SHARK said, I also like the tinkering aspect of firearms as there are so many upgrades and accessories available. Unfortunately its a little more expensive than golf tinkering, imo (at least with my expensive taste lol).
  10. Good morning everyone and happy Community Call day! good luck today @sirchunksalot! We’re all thinking about you. Tough night last night at sim league. Played a par 3 course and my game completely left me. Could get a ball in the air to save my life. I’m not sure if it was because I was wearing work clothes or just pure laziness with my swing but either way it wasn’t pretty. Hoping I can turn things around and maybe play outside this weekend as the weather warms back up. I hope everyone has a great day!
  11. Good morning Spies Couple of beautiful days here at the end of February which ended today with some rain. Nice weather is in the forecast for the end of the week which may end up being a good time to play a full round outdoors which is extremely rare. It's my sim league night and we are playing the Augusta par 3 course so I'm excited to get my wedges dialed. Have a great day everyone!
  12. Common theme in this thread that I will echo.. #1 Slow Play. Self explanatory #2 unplayable bunkers. I’m with @Tom the Golf Nut on this one. As someone who plays 99% of their golf in CNY most public courses have sandboxes for bunkers that are almost unplayable. #3 Uneven tee boxes. Nothing worse when I have to walk around for a minute in a half to try and find a spot where it doesn’t feel like the ball is so far above or below my feet. I don’t think this one is a big ask of courses either in my option.
  13. Good morning folks! Early morning, late post. Coffee has been consumed and the baby is just about to go down for a nap planning on getting some house cleaning done to make up for the last week. Other than that just trying to enjoy the sunshine even though it’s single digits in temp. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
  14. I found this Review from 2015 in the forum that might be helpful for you: I currently play the Mizuno MP-18 MMC which I think is pretty close to the MP-15's just newer and for me and Mizuno's irons it is true that "Nothing feels like a Mizuno" I love my irons.
  15. I'll have to play devils advocate here... it's an open qualifier so I think he has every right to give it a shot if he felt his game was there and he met the requirements to play in the OQ. Also, there's been additional reports that he was being heckled the whole time with large crowds and people asking for autographs during play. I would be hard pressed to say this would throw anyone off there game regardless of their skill level. It's unfortunate that he gets this much attention and pressure because at the end of the day he is still a 15 year old kid.
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