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  1. I have been putting like this all summer and I’ve had more success than putting the “normal “ way- I pace my putt out then look at the hole while putting-( all my playing partners are amazed how accurate I am) most of the time-I hole out or it’s a gimme..
  2. I’ve worn them for years- really like- sometimes have a problem with fit(skinny arms) if it’s too warm I sometimes spray water on them.
  3. Well I suppose Canada is considered International- too bad - looking for new clubs and really want to try all kinds.Good luck to the chosen.
  4. Saw the Cobra hybrids and decided to try- love them- easy to hit- wish they came also in a 3 have the 4 & 5- looking for new clubs this year.
  5. Jen Vancouver,B.C Desired to test : 440 swing speed: 70-80 thank you
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