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  1. I for one loved selling items on Ebay but when they forced you to use your bank account and not being able to get paid with PayPal I quit selling. Been a member for over 20 years and all of the sudden they change everything. It was so easy and fast to get paid. I think it really hurt the little guy. I'll continue to buy but not as much as I use to because of this. I guess they don't care. Gary
  2. Cobra (irons, Driver, fairway woods, and hybrids) Cleveland ( 2 wedges ) Odyssey (Putter)
  3. I've played Cleveland wedges most of my life. I don't think I'll ever use anything else. I currently play CBX and CBX2 wedges. The feel and playability are awesome. Can always count on them.
  4. Cobra driver Cobra Fairway Woods Taylor Made Hybrids Cobra Irons Cleveland Wedges Odyssey Putter Titleist Balls
  5. Gary/Cincinnati Ohio 5 Cleveland CBX Spin, feel ,and control Love Cleveland wedges. Been using them for 30 years.
  6. Gary-Cincinnati,Ohio I have a Big Moss General Putting green in my basement I currently have Big Moss General. Great for the winter months Medium speed. I play public courses and this would be awesome to try.
  7. Gary-Cincinnati, Ohio Taylor Made TP Collection Ardmore 2 Would love to try any of the mallet putters. The all look great.
  8. Gary-Cincinnati, Ohio Currently using Cleveland CBX 52* and 56* 56*,58*,or 60*
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