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  1. 5 handicap Aiken SC Titleist 695mb 8iron distance 160-165 Sub70: seems like the Snell of golf clubs. Good quality control, good product, good price
  2. Blase Mancine, Graniteville SC Never practice putting outside of warming up before a round Only one or two 3putts a round and it’s usually because I left myself 80ft for the first putt. Way too many 2 putts though. I usually take 30-35 putts a round I’d be interested in seeing how practicing on the simulator would affect my ability to read speeds on an actual physical green.
  3. Blase Mancine. Aiken, SC Right Handed Current: W/S Cortex 10.5-1. Atmos Black 7x SS: 106mph would love to try the 440cc
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