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  1. Nick Hummelstown PA Yes, walk most rounds (sometimes run) Use clicgear pushy now
  2. Nick / Hummelstown PA Confirm you are RH - Yes Driving Iron UiHi - 18* KBS Tour V-Xstiff Backup - Hybrid X stiff 6.7 Currently game 18* hybrid
  3. Nick Hummelstown, PA Callaway Mavrik SZ 7.1 110-112 TSi3
  4. Nick / Hummelstown, PA 7.6 Vokey SM5 - 50*, 55*, 60* The raw wedge doesn't shine or glare as much as those that are finished.
  5. Nick - Hummelstown PA GPS on phone, have not used a watch Bushnell laser (no slope) and Skydroid App
  6. Nick / Hummelstown, PA Daily putting practice (primarily on a mat) 30-45min Average 2 3putts per round Interest lies in the ability to practice lag putting (my struggle from distance) without having to go to a course or real green. I recently bought a Skytrak and it would be a great addition to work on all distances of putting with club and path feedback.
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