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  1. brett s / Whitby Ontario / Canada scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 interested in Anser 2 and Tine 3 grew up playing both mallets and blades, love the lines of the tine three, reminds me of Scotty 5.5 futura and Phantom. dont need to say much on why I love the Anser, because it’s an Anser !!!!
  2. Brett /Whitby Ontario/Canada Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 2018 I want to try the Anser 2, or Tyne 3. I grew up on mallets, picked up a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 2018 Blade, and I love it. Ping has always made great putters, I would be honoured to participate.
  3. Right Handed Golfers Only Brett - Toronto, Ontario Desired to Test: 440 or 460 current driver in play - Titleist TS3, extra stiff shaft. Swing Speed: 120-125 (right handed).
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