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  1. Zach - Nashville, Tn Taylor made ZTP 52-9 Callaway series jaw 58-13 Optimum Control 63 Would love to change out my 63 and 52, they're both best up pretty good. They get the job done but could be easier to get the job done with proper equipment.
  2. 1. 7.5 - Nashville, TN 2. Titleist CB 712, 8i - 155-165yds 3. I have heard of Sub70 before from other articles. I haven't seen any clubs in person because they don't sell in any store near by. I like the look of the clubs and hope that they live up to the reputation they have made already. Would love to get an up close look at the 699's and give a detailed review of them.
  3. Zachary Smith - Nashville, TN Three to Four times a week in my living room. I use a 12ft putting mat. Once or twice, it depends on where my approach shot ends up. The visual abilities to practices putting is amazing. It gives another level to practicing Putting you can’t find elsewhere.
  4. Zachary Smith Nashville, TN #1 Option 440 SWING:105-110
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