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  1. I’m a 1 handicap from Rockford Illinois current irons the 716 ap2’s 8 iron distance is 145 Sub 70 is local not far from me me down in sycamore Illinois love the look of their stuff they have a great mid mallet out I am looking at buying if they can make it 2 degrees flat for me. Love the model of offering a great product at a fraction of the price from the big name as a high school golf coach I’ve been recommending them to players and families looking to upgrade their equipment and not break the bank their stuff is great and would love to test these irons and compare them to my trusty ap2’s the sub 70’s look great and would love to test them and give my feedback!
  2. Dan Cameron/ Rockford,Illinois Putting is my favorite part of the game by far I put 1-2 hours a day both at the course and at home on an indoor birdie ball practice green. Currently averaging below 1 3 putt per round based off my stats I think the thing that intrigued me the most about this opportunity is the versatility of this unit I coach high school golf and we do a lot indoors for my guys I use a blast motion sensor to track tempo and face angles etc but this has the looks of the high end stuff you would see in a putting studio and I like how it ties into using the tv for simulator type applications as well very interesting
  3. Dan Cameron Rockford,Il desire to test 460cc head swing speed - 95
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