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  1. Adam Highland Park, IL Wilson Ultra 10.5* 14.2 98-101 mph TSi2 10.5
  2. Adam / Highland Park, IL Handicap: 14.7 Current Wedges: 60* Warrior Lob wedge, 56* Wilson Harmonized sole grind Appeal of a raw wedge: Simple, yet refined look, understated, solid performance Thank you for the opportunity!
  3. Adam/Highland Park, IL/USA Wilson Ultra Blade I'm interested in trying the Piper C based on the fact that I'm looking for more weight and stability to match my putting style.
  4. Adam / Highland Park, IL Average Score: 86 Current Irons: Wilson Ultra 2017 set Thanks!
  5. I know I'll get some criticism for this, but with all the crazy Chicago heat this summer I've been keeping it light with a Truly or White Claw at the turn. As long as I'm having a good round I'll reward myself with a refreshing seltzer buzz. At the end of the day scotch on the rocks is a good way to cap off a great score too. Stay classy gentlemen.
  6. Hey everyone, great to be here. Some info about me listed below. Feel free to reach out if anyone is ever in the Chicago area or north suburbs. -Adam How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing about 3.5 years. Normal score is in the mid to low 80s. Not entirely sure what that handicap is but I think it's around 14ish? What do you love about golf? You can be as competitive or carefree as you want on the course. It's a very mental game and you can make it as challenging as you want all by yourself. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I read the golf ball review and how important that part of the game was, and got hooked with the content. Since then I've always looked to MGS for independent reviews and honest feedback about golf gear and accessories. Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm from the north suburbs of Chicago, and I guess my home course is Sunset Valley Golf Course in Highland Park. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing about golfing in Chicago is that there are so many options just a few minutes drive away. I think the worst thing is that Chicago summers can be pretty unpredictable at times, and we can get a stretch of rain or severe wind that will pause golfing randomly throughout the summer. What do you do for a living? I'm a hotel operations director for Hilton. How’d you pick your user name? Same username I've had since high school. Just trying to keep it simple and consistent.
  7. Adam from Highland Park, IL Current wedge is a Wilson Harmonized 56 degree sand wedge and a Warrior 60 degree lob wedge If selected I would like a 56 degree to test, currently that loft is my most versatile wedge
  8. 1) I'm a 19 handicap and live in Highland Park, IL. 2) Current irons are a a Wilson Ultra amateur set from 2017, and my 8-iron carries 165 yards. 3) I didn't know much about Sub 70 until I saw some info about them on MGS. I love that they're a midwest brand based west of Chicago trying to put old school craftsmanship into every club they make. Coincidentally enough their HQ is just a few towns over from some of my family, and that I know the area somewhat well. Seems like Sub 70 is trying to take all the "fluff" or costly marketing out of golf clubs, and working to give players the best quality tools to be successful out there. Thanks for the opportunity!
  9. 1. Adam S. Cohen from Chicago, IL 2. No device or watch used previously 3. Current method for determining yardage is using the 18birdies app on my smartphone
  10. Adam / Chicago, IL Desire to Test: 460 Swing Speed: ~94 Current driver: Wilson Ultra, 10.5 degree, regular flex Not sure if the MGS team takes this into consideration, but I'm furloughed for the next month and all I've been doing is golfing 3/4 times per week, hitting the range in between. Ample time to test a new product . Thanks!
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