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  1. The 921 SELs are tour in 7-GW and forged in 4-6. You can mix and match. I have Tour in 7-GW and HM in 4-6.
  2. I agree with a lot of this fitting talk. It does feel like the industry is lagging, and the other big problem is finding a reliable fitter. However, the industry needs to advance when it comes to the questions you get when it comes to a fitting before we can go all virtual. Swing speed, attack angle, club path, etc. Even TrueGolfFit asks attack angle and swing speed, but you have to go somewhere to find that information. It is not readily available.
  3. Does the surface under the putting mat matter? I just bought one of these the other day and my basement has thicker carpet that I was going to place this on.
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