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  1. If I remember correctly, Phil had a drill around the green where he chilled holding the club with his lead hand only. It may be useful for shorter shots only, but I practiced like this and noticed I dramatically improved coordination and contact, as well as consistency in making the exact same length backswing each time (ie if you can do this with your weaker lead arm, it becomes easy to completely control the club and have awareness of where the face is with two arms) which dramatically builds confidence on the simple straight back straight through chips. From there it’s just a matter of finding your distances and executing
  2. For me, I don’t see the 60 as being particularly hard to hit. I also don’t think I am any better with my 58 that I use now than I was with the 60 I used to use. If you had me hit both clubs at a target I’d say both were equally easy and good. All this said, since I switched to a 58 the outcome of my chipping during rounds has become noticeably better and more consistent. Take that as you will.
  3. Golf Pride Tour Wrap Microsuede midsize for all irons, wedges, and utility (sometimes replace by a hybrid). Star grips sidewinder midsize for hybrid (sometimes replaced by a utility), woods, and driver. For whatever reason I need wraps on irons and the like, and I absolutely can’t stand wraps on woods and similar…
  4. Just hit it today (with my usual shaft, ventus black 6X and grip, oversized specs) on course in some obscenely windy weather... I’m finding no discernible differences in distance on the course (can’t speak to ball speed, but judging by the distances prob similar enough) between the EFSZ and tsi3, and that’s with the tsi loft at 9 (which is between .5-1.5 lower than I normally play, and giving me a somewhat lower than ideal ball flight). I think I’ll be able to get the TSi3 going significantly further (for me) once I play with the loft and some lead tape. It wasn’t the distance which impressed me though, it was the actual size of the sweet spot - definitely felt like a larger area on the face had the ball going max distance. I would guess that something in the epic speed line would probably have the same distance and similar forgiveness for me, you, and many others. That said, this club looks and sounds so good, and being from Latrobe, I have to love the Pittsburgh-made ATI face. As such, the only thing that might kick this out would be the TSi4, and I’m not good enough or patient enough to wait for that.
  5. Well, it happened. Just blew some gift certificate money from Christmas to get a TSI3 to replace the old EFSZ. Hard to compare the two since I have been playing an oversized or jumbomax grip on the EFSZ, and the TSI3 had a standard grip and shaft that wasn’t my Ventus black velocore. That said, while distance was better with my gamer, dispersion was much better with the TSI3 (there were lots of mishits on both clubs lol) and that was despite the fact that every swing felt uncomfortable given the grip (which tbf has been the case when testing any standard size grip club for me since I switched to midsize with extra wraps or jumbomax) getting everything swapped out and looking forward to hitting it once my regular shaft and grip are in. I know this is a poor way to self-fit, but there was something about it, it looked so mean, I just know it’s gonna rip on the course
  6. Ned, Denver, CO Current driver - callaway epic flash sub zero Desired size to test - 440 110-115 mph
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