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  1. another vote for Poipu and Princeville. In general, Hawaiian courses are less windy in the mornings.... You will enjoy "resort" golf
  2. Titleist driver, Vokey wedges Callaway 5 wood, 4 hybrid Ping eye2 CuBe 2-PW Odessey putter
  3. actually none..... as I have kept all my old clubs. That said, my favorite driver was a Titleist 975D. but I am a lot older now and use the larger head... 915D2 My fav irons were Ping eye 2 berylliums.... that I still use I have changed putters from Hogan to slotline to currently Odyssey two ball.
  4. prove it to yourself scientifically get some adhesive clubface "label" that shows an imprint of where you contact the ball. or the Dr. Scholl's foot spray powder..... then record the distances with sweet spot hits vs. off center.... as well as frequency of hits in the center with choked grip vs. regular length. ===================================== as someone else mentioned: get fitted. try different length, flex, kickpoint shafts.... finetune even more
  5. The comforting fact is that you always get to change your lineup from round to round... and if you're just practicing; no harm with carrying 15/16 clubs in bag. However, assuming you are satisfied with the gapping and delta distances from one wedge to another; then you can rule out swapping out or bending an existing wedge. Try out a 60, or 62 or 64 wedge. see what your full and 3/4 swing yardages are. do they fill a distance you desire? If not, I go along with taking wedge lessons - to promote better control over the clubs already in your bag. . Bottom line is more control over half swings with delicate, slopey lies and uneven grass. If so, I'd pick just two of your wedges (8* gap) to work on the touch shots - these two will be your go-to wedges. Alternate shots with these two on various lies, slopes, thickness of light rough. Good luck on mastering these and lowering your index
  6. yes, depends upon your definition of "compete".... I still play weekly with my 35 YO BeCu ping eye 2's.... still score mid 90's... the 1, 2, 3 irons are in storage. added 52 & 60* Vokeys to 7 yo driver, 5W & 4H. I'm 72. 6-7 years ago, I lost 25-30 yds and shot 100's. (old age & loss of muscle mass but last two years have regained 10-15 yds and back in mid 90's still wagering with guys I played with for 50 years
  7. In the USA, Pebble Beach might be the most expensive green fee; and sometimes you can't get a TT unless, you book overnight stay in their lodge/resort... ===================================== Years ago, I could have paid $500 to play PB. I refused.... Now it might be $650.... I still balk; also realize in my older years, I may never play there.... but it is not on my bucket list... to each their own.... as $650 might only feel like a muni fee to those who can afford to be members.
  8. Agree with hitting driver, as that should land in the widest part of the fairway. If scoring a sure bogey is acceptable, I would use the 5i and land short of the narrowing; in front of trap; avoiding rough to the right and trouble behind the green. then short 30 yard pitch and hopefully easy two putt. there seems to be a lot of green to work with. who knows, your pitch might place you within 10 ft of the hole and you sink a par saver ====================== Of course, if you feel like gambling for a par, then hit whatever you need to land on the green and two putt. But the above suggestion is answer for a sure bogey, with a 25% chance for a par.
  9. I had similar problems.... one is you may not be squaring the clubface at impact. more weight, various places may help.... you might have a slight outside in swing path. your irons create more backspin that might mask your sidespin. your longer woods, have less backspin, allowing the sidespin to raise it's ugly head.... ======= try some practice swings with your hands apart (right hand gripping couple inches below left) this promotes the right hand turning over at impact. this "feel" may help you square club face. might also help your swing become more inside out ??? good luck. also, use a very light grip, which allows wrists to break. a tight grip may not allow a full release. =============== took me two years of experimentation.... changing grips, ball placement, testing weight adj on clubs; more lower body effort to help release club..... now my misses are big draws/hooks --- big change from push/slice ahahahaha
  10. I love golf. I study it to some degree. probably more than the average 20 handicapper. I think your golf ball test was a huge undertaking...possibly with unexpected results... that you would publish no matter what, because that is your mantra. I thank you for trying to test balls, in the best manner. Obviously, you cannot please everybody !!! How will I use the data? Since I never buy new balls; just playing with what I find.... I play with all brands and models. However with your data, I will pay more attention to balls that might be better suited to my game; and save as many of them as possible, to use. I actually have a hard time differentiating between balls... only a few that seem very hard, that I usually don't play with. and obviously certain balls, expecially used, will not perform as well. But I still have fun with my friends, and don't blame any missed shots on the ball... it's on me. Mike Wong
  11. wishing you the best with your new clubs.... when they finally arrive
  12. David LPS, I emphasize with your pain.... Probably most aging, mid-high handicappers, would too. as our swings and bodies and muscles change... ultra-detailed fittings--- well, I wish they'd provide a definitive answer, but even if so temporarily, that probably changes in 6 months. Be happy that you can keep enjoying golf. Cherish the birdies and try not to get too down on yourself for missing that sweet spot. mike
  13. is there a golf store with a computer launch monitor that will give you 15-20 minutes of free time to experiment? Perhaps you have to pretend to be interested in buying a used driver...... and you bring yours in to compare with..... 1) you might start with another Callaway model, e.g. Epic... and set up a baseline using store's settings. 2) then hit your driver to see results (record your settings) 3) then set your driver to zero, zero, zero--- all neutral... note what these results are. now you have your personal baseline. and experiment how different settings affect results. have fun
  14. totally concur. putter is most, as people have to use it almost twice every hole... all the while wishing it would only have to be used once per hole... Driver is used 14 times. 5 wood used as 2nd shot on par 5's and long par 4's. 52* wedge is most used, followed by normal wedge.
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