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  1. totally concur. putter is most, as people have to use it almost twice every hole... all the while wishing it would only have to be used once per hole... Driver is used 14 times. 5 wood used as 2nd shot on par 5's and long par 4's. 52* wedge is most used, followed by normal wedge.
  2. Mike Wong / Moraga, CA 8 W Footjoy how shoe fits and comfort. Traction. style.
  3. Mike Moraga, CA 915 D2 10.5 Diamana 60 firm 22 88 mph Of ALL the clubs MyGolfSpy has offered for testing, this Titleist driver is what I lust for the most. My 915 is my gamer. I've attended several Titleist Thursdays for fittings. (I have gone to Ping, Callaway & Cobra fittings.) I bought a 2nd shaft (reg flex) because the Pro and Tracking computer said I was in between firm and reg flex shafts. we tried different weight shafts, & 917's, too. I have experimented with various lofts and trajectory shapes. I would be absolutely th
  4. mike, moraga, ca handicap 22 Titleist vokey sm4 52* 60* mine are worn out. think new will refresh my short game. love to compare spin and performance to my old Vokeys.
  5. mike wong, Moraga, CA local course practice greens ---- play year round I have no putting mat. I would like to test the medium speed; I play on municipal courses.
  6. Mike \ Moraga,CA Odessey works, two ball fang red. The Ketsch katches my eye..... like the alignment line & shape of putterhead. curious about the materials.
  7. Mike, Moraga, CA handicap 20 Ping eye 2 beryllium
  8. 1) 22 Bay Area, CA (near Walnut Creek) 2) Ping eye 2 beryllium 8i 125-130 yds 3) Knew nothing until now....
  9. mike wong - moraga, ca use a Garmin Approach S6 which I totally rely on; previously would pace yardage from course markers.
  10. Mike Moraga, CA no dedicated practice sessions; only 10 minutes prior to playing once per week. 3-4 three putts per round I never knew your simulator existed. appears to analyse putting in a scientific method! Last year, to improve my putting I bought an Odyssey red head two ball putter (not face balanced).
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