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  1. Hookalot

    JPX 921's

    Thanks again. Ah, OK so the 921 Forged weren’t included?
  2. Hookalot

    JPX 921's

    Thanks cnosil Do you have any idea when these results will be published? And will Hot Metal Pro be included? Thanks
  3. Hookalot

    JPX 921's

    Just wondering when the next Most Wanted testing will take place that will include the Mizuno JPX-921 & TaylorMade P770 ?
  4. My Doner badge still not showing. Do I have to do something to make that show? And how do I get other badges? I’ve had ONE hole in one & I’ve only broke 80 about 5 times, but if the badges are there, I’ll take ‘em
  5. I’m on an iOS (on iPad) using Safari. I can see everyone else’s Tags, but not mine.
  6. Done, thanks. Why are there no links on the Forum? Surely it would attract more donations if it were easier to find. And might attract more if it showed up on user bio. Not showing on mine.
  7. I may be a complete dummy, well I know I am..., but I’ve been searching for some time & I can’t find how to actually Donate! I did a search & found this thread.
  8. When they talk about 45” as Standard & then 43.5”, is that the length of the Shaft itself or the measurement including Clubhead? I’m looking to buy a shortened Driver. I’m 6’ 2”, but have never got on with long Drivers. I would gladly give up 20 yards for tighter dispersion. Are 3 wood shafts exactly the same as driver shafts, just shorter? If I took 1.5” off Driver length & added weight to regain the same swing weight, would I need a stiffer shaft? Thanks.
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