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  1. Hey really liked these. Is the the larger or smaller option. Curtis to know how the dividers work out and what pros and cons you come up with after using the bag. Do you walk, ride or push. Would love to get your input
  2. May have been a bad round but don't stress. Biggest help to my game this year was to play the distance to the back of the green. If your shirt 83% of the time, hitting to back of green distance will get you on even if you don't hit your yardage. Just a thought. Probably saves me 3 to 4 shots a round and I am rarely long.
  3. Thanks for the update. Yeah I'm sure the lag s*** trainer could definitely help when trying the lighter set-up. Sounds like it went great. Glad to hear it
  4. I've had both and with both cases it took a very long period of rest to recover from unfortunately. Try seeking medical help but every rehab I tried only made it worse it seemed. It took 3 plus months off to heal the one and 6 month for the tennis. It sucks but you can still play you just have to limit use quite a bit. No weight lifting heavy activity etc... It really is a crappy thing to go thru
  5. Sorry meant to reply to another post asking for update
  6. Hey meant to respond to you and posted to somebody else. Give us an update if you can. I know it's been cold so not sure how much you have tested. The extra light flex can be a problem if you are off on your swing timing. So if consistency is an issue you can see y'all problems. Just curious how this turned out.
  7. Can you post an update. Curious on this one for sure.
  8. Your timing has to be very on to swing a extra light flex shaft. With the release happening early. It can cause bad habits when or if you have to switch back to a stiff flex shaft. Just a heads up. Be careful using light shaft flex for extra yards as it will really punish you if your timing is off on any particular round.
  9. I actually played at the golf course in Palm Springs California were warrior golf was started. I think one of the pros there or the owner somebody there started warrior. Anyway had to use a rental set while I was there as it was work trip. Didn't anticipate playing golf but they put us on for free for handling some of their IT stuff. Great guys at the course and condos they have near by. I wouldn't say there equipment was terrible. For sure not the best but it did the job for a free round on a beautiful course. Just getting to experience the course and play there was nice. I guess if you aren't serious about playing golf or just starting out they would do just fine. Plus people gotta try to make money somehow. They just happen to make it a little gimmicky to get sales. But that's somebody's dream y'all are calling a scam. They aren't they bad. I mean I wouldn't play then if they were given to me but they would be great for someone like the guy that was with me. Player Jess than 10 times in his life and probably won't play that many for the rest of it
  10. With a little patience and some good alarms, you can like me catch a TSi2 for the incredible office of just over $200. I've seen 197 to 220 lately. I did some careful watching and since the shaft didn't matter I landed mine at $205 before shipping and taxes. That put me just over $250 total. What's seems strange is you will see heads only go for as much if not more than those with shaft. Also seen a few 3s go at that price just a little further between. I can't say enough about the TSi2, it's a game changer for me and has really improved my accuracy and distance. So no brainer there on my choice
  11. Okay this one is always tough for me and I will try to explain why. I would say in the past 2 years I've seen much more consistency but still not there I would like it. Allot seems to do with. I have always had a cupped Left wrist (wrist bowed backwards or in extension) at the top of my backswing. I have tried tons of ways but it actually hurts my wrist to go into flexion where my knuckles are more towards the ground. The only solution feels like a ridiculously strong left hand grip and I'm only about to keep my wrist out of extension and neutral as opposed to in flexion. Does anyone else have pain trying to get their wrist to flexion or at least neutral? Any tips on what I can try besides stretching exercises as I've done those? Thanks for your time
  12. I think the only way to test golf balls would be to have unbranded versions. I always feel like I perform better on the greens using ball x. What I was surprised about was you seem to care less about the putter and more about the ball when I had to test a lot of putters to find the one that gives me the best results for whatever ball I'm using that day. I found I putt so much better with the Odyssey Marksman putter gave me much better results the most others I tried. It gives me a pretty big boost in confidence that seems to outweigh what ball I choose. But maybe I should look into this.
  13. Callaway bought the Apex name from Hogan years back. Or they retained it from a sale. Something like that. Either way Callaway owns the Apex iron name now.
  14. I would have a hard time changing to x or y from a set that seems to land and stop quickly. You won't have near as good of results on the course of you are landing at 159 and rolling to 170 ish as you will landing at 164 and rolling to 170. IMO. That could leave you short of the green when it hits the taller grass at 160ish before the green instead of landing on the green at 165 and stopping. It's really kinda up to how you like to use your approach. I will side with 6 yards rollout over 11 or 12 every time if the overall distance is the same. Unless you are really improving your dispersion. Maybe check the numbers using the same shafts as your current irons.
  15. I'm sure he just has a really low driver launch and the 10° gives him the best numbers. Or maybe at the Open he would've been hitting it too far into some greens with a 9°. As far as not hearing I'm pretty sure it's always quiet until release time. Just the fact so many are using it already makes me think it is an improvement over an already incredible TSi line. I think the TSi was better than the SIM 2.
  16. I'm sure he just has a really low driver launch and the 10° gives him the best numbers. Or maybe at the Open he would've been hitting it too far into some greens with a 9°. As far as not hearing I'm pretty sure it's always quiet until release time. Just the fact so many are using it already makes me think it is an improvement over an already incredible TSi line. I think the TSi was better than the SIM 2.
  17. How much does that membership cost? Nothing us regular folk can pay.
  18. Maybe try to look at new level golf. They have a few options that would be considered in between the 699 pros and the 639 cb irons. 902 forged model. The more forgiving 1126. Both can be found in black if you have be patience. They have 2 new irons available. One made to be similar to the older 902 with the same name as one slightly larger than the previous years 902 named the 902-os for oversized. Both should fall in between the 699 pros and the 639 cb irons on how difficult they are to hit consistently. Worth a look at a good price and they may offer black finishes soon.
  19. Thanks for all the good feedback guys. The shaft optimizer can be a little confusing. But in the long run out produced a result I feel gave me the best shaft for my swing.
  20. Oh another reason to question all this is that the first suggestion I was given by the optimizer was for the Project X IO. Which did not translate to better shafts for me. They actually performed terribly.
  21. Yeah I understand what I'm getting when asking opinions on shafts. Just curious how people that have used them felt about them. I'm actually using the Project X LZs myself currently. The C-taper lite are also not super common stock offering so I assumed you would have people like myself making the choice to get shafts aftermarket to get the most out of their irons. Just asking around before I pull the trigger on this. It's a little difficult right now to find a full set of c-taper lite shafts in the matte black finish. I'm also not sure if I want them in my wedges and well or not. Thanks for the reply.
  22. Hello MGS members. This year I've had the opportunity to play a Titleist TSI2 driver. I've had chances to play Titleist fairway woods and drivers in the past few years and I felt this driver deserved a bit more attention than previous offerings. Titleist seems to have a stigma attached to their woods offerings from the past several years. My feeling was some of their drivers and fairways lacked forgiveness and weren't exactly blowing away the competition or perhaps even keeping up with some of the other big brands. I've played the TSI2 for the last 3 months or so and I can say, that for me, this is the best driver I've ever had the blessing of getting to play! I got this after playing a Callaway Epic Flash 9° driver. I didn't have consistent success with the Epic and my distances were really not what I felt they should be. I will say my longer drives with the Epic Flash were going out at about 245 yards. My arccos basically shows me averaging 221 yards with the Callaway. First thing I noticed with the TSI2 was the confidence it gave me at setup. It really looks good behind the ball. Contact is almost always between the two lines that identify the center area of the face. Distance is night and day. I have corrected a few issues I've had with my driver swing, but I felt this was more of the driver helping me feel a good smooth driver swing. Weight seems perfect to me as far as balance and swing weight so that the head isn't too heavy or light for the shaft length and flex. I already have a high launch so I am using the Mitsubishi Tensei AV raw white that came as a stock offering in stiff flex. It gives me a good launch window and my average driver distances went way up. With a smoother swing I'm now hitting my longer drives out to 270 some as much as 280 plus. My average is now closer to my previous longer drives. The TSI2 is one of the more forgiving drivers offered this year. If hit a bad drive it was usually a slice. Which on the Callaway regularly kept me barely above 200 yards on poorly struck drives that went from left to right. The Titleist corrects even errant swings to more of a fade. If I'm aimed to the middle of the fairway at worst I may be 15 yards right of my target instead of 40! They have really captured something special with this model. I know some of these numbers seem exaggerated but I promise they are not. I don't believe the Epic set up really aided in helping my driver's go farther and straighter. Maybe it's just the lucky combination of the low launch Tensei White and the characteristics of the TSI2. Either way seeing your average distance increase so dramatically really can do wonders for your game. I really think everyone should give this one a try. I have also hit the Radspeed this year and have the chance now to play the TM SIM 2. The Radspeed didn't work as well for me but it did have a nice feel. But as it stands right now the TSI2 has a chance to beat out the other brands handily and become my next driver for years to come. Please do yourself a favor. If you are looking at drivers don't pass up Titleist's TSI2. I would like to know if anyone else has tried the TSI2 and how it's worked for them. Props to Titleist for killing it this year on the driver market! I mean killing it!
  23. Hey guys wanted to hear some opinions on the KBS C-taper lite. I recently had a iron fitting with a local golf fitter. He is very respected in small circles that know he takes his work seriously. Used the Mizuno shaft optimizer with a few interesting results but out of the results the c-taper lite stood out with the few shots I got to hit with it. It never seems like a fitting is long enough to get all the answers. I know KBS puts out a good product. So I was really curious to see how others that have used these shafts felt about performance for themselves. Any insight or things learned with hindsight would help. I appreciate everyone helping me make an informed decision. I've been a Modus user in the past so if anyone has opinions on the feel in comparison to that might be helpful. Thanks for your help.
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