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  1. hahaha yea they really are black...for reference, the wedges are Titleist's "Jet Black", albeit used.
  2. Just had these bad boys come in this morning...scared to hit them because they look so good.
  3. Hi everyone, 1. I've been playing golf for almost 10 years, my handicap these days has been stuck on 3. 2. Golf is by far the most challenging, rewarding, and infuriating thing I have ever done. The constant and never ending pursuit of relative perfection draws me to it. I also enjoy trying out new equipment and seeing how it fits into my game. Plus ripping drives is pretty fun. 3. I've always relied upon MyGolfSpy reviews when researching, and have picked up forums and other articles here and there. I'm always looking for more golf content and this seems like a very solid spot
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