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  1. Avi, Basking Ridge New Jersey iPhone 11/iPad 4 Testing outdoors no net I love discovering how I can improve my game by using real data and data analysis! Just like the pros! Would love to test out a rapsodo device and give a review!
  2. Hi everybody! I love talking about my incredible clubs, and would love to know what people think of my set. Irons: Taylormade M3 3 iron - PW, carbon fiber shafts with what I believe is standard/normal flex Wedges: From my previous set, I had a 52 degree Gap Wedge, 56 Sand Wedge, 60 degree Lob Wedge. They are all Warrior brand. Absolutely love them, however I struggle with spin control around the greens. Driver: Taylormade M5. I slice the ball sometimes but have learned to keep it straight. as Phil says, "hits bombs" when I make solid contact. Unfortunately I had a bigger
  3. Avi, New Jersey Right Handed Current Driver: Taylormade M5 Swing Speed: 100-115 Desired Model: 460
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