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  1. Chris Richmond, VA Handicap - 12 Ping G30 Green dot
  2. I guess it's coming along. I played Friday. Ended up shooting 84 with a double, and two 3 putts. I was upset with an 84 - I consider that progress. Driver was weird. Hit one right. Then hook one, making sure not to hit it right. Then hit one right down the middle. Left the driver in the bag on the last 6 holes and used 3W off the tee. 5 Pars and 1 Bogey (friggin' 3 putt).
  3. I've been trying to ignore my putting lately. I had 4 missed putts my last round (2 for birdie 2 to save par) that were perfectly on line and were inches from falling. I know if I thought (just hit it harder) it would have run past the hole by 5 feet.
  4. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And a buddy of mine who IS an orthopedic surgeon would disagree. No other sports even comes close to client referrals - Crossfit was the surefire winner.
  5. My son and I mainly play in the late afternoon. This time of year, the course is usually deserted in the late afternoon. We can tee off at 4:30ish and get 18 done in under 3 hours.
  6. I've been in VA for 20+ years now. The other day a buddy asked "Doesn't this heat and humidity bother you?" I laughed and told him I grew up in SC, without air conditioning for years. I'd rather sweat any day than freeze my butt off - the Army taught me that much.
  7. Just my opinion, but golf instructors aren't any different from hitting / pitching instructors when it comes to baseball. I coached for years, and I constantly watched good, amateur players get discouraged when they went to highly recommended (or convenient) instructors and didn't improve - but got worse. Most instructors have a "philosophy" and that's what they stick with. I would imagine it's the same with golf. Many times you can't blame the instructor. Most of them learned their trade a certain way, and that's the way they teach to get their students to improve. Applying what they know,
  8. Thanks - I'm definitely not worried about what other people think about my swing, more wondering what changes in the swing keeping the club more upright at address, essentially trying to mimic impact position. As a former baseball player, lower body rotation / speed isn't an issue for me. Since I started playing again a few months ago I started using a slower back swing to "keep control" but keying in on getting my hands "in and around" I can really get the back swing going it seems and really explode through contact.
  9. I'm building one this weekend. 1.5" PVC pipes with a UV mesh tarp from Harbor Freight. Actual hitting area will be 8x8. Total cost under $100. A buddy has this setup and he hits driver and all clubs into it. He leaves it outside in the weather. It's already lasted longer than the "name brand" golf nets he's tried over the last few years. I'm going to add this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00656BCLO/?coliid=II1D3OAQI1FVD&colid=70DKHVVEOF61&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it To hit off off and use some indoor / outdoor carpeting to stand on while hitting.
  10. I don't want to start a long argument for or against - so basically I've adopted some facets of the swing that rhymes with "sack and kilt". Doing this with my irons immediately improved contact, distance and most importantly consistency. I struggled trying to incorporate some of these swing thoughts into the Driver until I ran across a Youtube video that really broke it down in a different way. My driver improved enough that I almost immediately picked up 6-12 strokes a round. It's funny how having a shorter shot from the fairway makes approach shots easier. But I digress. I was on
  11. If you don't want to drop a bunch of cash one - I just bought this the other day: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RNCW7VT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I use TheGrint - and it's yardages are spot on. I was halfheartedly looking for a rangefinder with slope to add to the bag - and also to get more reference points for bunkers etc. I had some kind Amazon credit so the $79 one I listed cost me @ $50. It's dead on tested against two different GPS apps and a Bushnell. Slope actually came in handy last round. The guy with the Bushnell was PISSED whe
  12. Personally I don't care what other people think about how I dress - but that's just me. When other people start paying my mortgage then I will let them have an opinion on how I dress. I wear my everyday belt with golf shorts. I normally don't tuck my golf shirts in. Shirts that fit me well are always too short to tuck in without constantly messing with it (even with the strip inside the golf shorts meant to combat this issue) and if I buy shirts that are longer - they don't fit as well. If you like it wear it - that's all that matters.
  13. Yeah - the black Sub 70s look great. I was trying to find a pair to demo, then the tester thread came up. If I defy all odds and get to be a tester great - if not I definitely want to demo their irons.
  14. Shot the best front 9 I have shot since I started playing again a few months ago. +1 37 with 2 birdies. Then screwed the pooch on the back 9 with a 50. Then realized if I am really pissed off about an 87 - I am getting better. That 87 included 3 shots that went OB on three different holes. One an errant driver, one a 6 iron that I absolutely smoked. Flag was 160ish I hit that 6 185 yards, the third a second shot into a par 5. 220 to the center of the green. I hit a “smooth” 3wood 20 yards deep.
  15. FWIW I started Keto probably 5 years ago. I didn't mess with macros etc. I also don't have high cholesterol or blood pressure. I simply did my best to eliminate carbs. The thing is - there is a carb free (or almost carb free) solution for pretty much everything now. There are multiple sweeteners to replace sugar, even in baking / cooking for example. I dropped 50lbs in about 4 months. I was injured at the time - so no working out - just Keto. I'm still with it (I do eat carbs now and again but not that often) what I noticed was with Keto my energy level went WAY up. I was sleeping l
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