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  1. This morning i went to the par 3 P&P , I use the 18th tee to go for 17th green cos i`m an oddball !!! and this morning with no one else about i made it in one shot/chip/pitch .... its a bit embarrasing to call it a `hole in one` but i watched it land on the green roll and drop ,oh btw there no flags out
  2. kingfive


    Today i got an invite for a free round at a proper golf course with a buggy (cos i cant walk 18 full holes) i`ve got a pair of cheap shoes and the rest of my attire conformed to the club dress code but because my shoes werent footjoys and my shirt wasn`t a big brand the other 2 people in the group who were members of the club took great delight in trying to ridicule me i wont even talk about clubs plus bag .My friend who invited me also wants to get into golf again so his boss paid for the round for us both (nice gesture) he could not come To cut a long story short the 10th green / 11th tee is more or less in front of the club house and i retired from the round there . I didnt want to spoil my manners but i couldnt bite my tongue any longer . the conduct of these 2 golfer / member was disgusting .Golf need more people ,so do some clubs ,so why are people so snobbish ,probably one more reason just to play my par 3 course and just talk to myself
  3. i went to my local golf store today and have considered these for my bag TaylorMade P790 Ti Graphite Irons 5 to 9 TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Satin Chrome Wedge 50 to 60 Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 Putter
  4. Thanks for the replies ,i`m going to say TTFN ,i will pop in now and again . i just wanted to share my tribute to American uncle and his his Airbourne service because he was the one who took me golfing for the first time . Take care everyone ,stay safe and happy golfing K5
  5. Par 3 pitch and putt Benross VX COMBO Iron 5 to 9 with a Dynatour pw & sw and my homemade putter AND....................... a chipper (it saves wearing my 7 iron out to quick lol)
  6. Here a few more pics on one hole i cant make it over the trees so i go between them and on another hole you have to skirt some gorse or loose your ball , i have drawn the flags in on some because with the covid 19 situation the local council have not manned it ,so the no flags out and its free they just open the gates and once a week or so tidy it up ,but it is it good condition i was teeing off on the first a 07.40 this morning ,no one else there just me it was awesome
  7. Playing just par 3 pitch and putt any golf ball will do ,but i got lucky ordered 3 dozen off ebay and when the parcel arrived there were a total of 70 balls in the box some big names too ..................mostly srixon wont have to buy any for a while now
  8. heres some not very good pix of my local par 3 i took them with my phone this morning at 08.30 on one of the pix you see the small round green it look as though someone took a sideplate and drew around it ,it 78 yds back to the tee ,i have never got the ball on the green from the tee lol
  9. Basically were i go is an 18 hole `pitch and putt` ,the longest hole is 125yds the shorttest is 58 ,the local council look after it well ,it has a some trees not every hole has a bunker (thank the lord) some of the greens are flat but some are sculptured ,all in all its just the ticket i get up early on my days off, theres no slow play worries or anything like that and its only £4 at today prices thats $5 but with covid 19 they haven`t maned it so its free but theres no flags out but that doesn`t matter to me so thats it ,thanks for all your advice and kinds words Happy golfing K5
  10. I did intend tring to play `proper`golf again but for various reasons its not to be ,but because i`ve enjoyed it i thought well why not just play at my local par 3 course so thats it . Reasons i cant play the game , a lot less expensive , not as time cosuming , no slow play ,no golf snobs, still get some exercise and ......................i can use a chipper lol Thanks for everything K5
  11. i`ve acquired some clubs ,got a used set of Benross VX combo 5 to 9 plus an unbranded pw and sw also got a Wilson 3 wood and and a 22 degree whatever club hybrid /rescue / ? got them from an old work colleague who plays off 6 hes going to give some basics ..... get rid of my bad habits So its of for a round today see what happens
  12. Back in 1998, I went to visit family in the USA my aunt was a GI bride my uncle served in the 82nd Airborne in WW2 he took me for a game of golf (it was hilarious) So i always remember his buggy with the badge on and i decided to try and do something in his memory i only have basic tools and im no good at DIY ,i found some bits of metal and using epoxy i made this it works to !!!
  13. Should go for new budget clubs or branded used clubs Cheers K5
  14. Thanks guys for the info. i`ve been searching the web ,found some good online help on you tube , i knows it better face to face but its a start . so its off to sort some clubs out soon, the onesi found are ok ............just ...........so budget is set with a little variation built in Thanks again progress report to follow
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