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  1. Thanks guys, I ended up going with: T100 (PW-5i) + T200 (4i) going to bent it 1* or 2* weak. I have a 818h2 19* My current set has a more forgiving 5 iron and honestly wish it was more like my 6 iron. I hit my 4 iron off the tee quite often so I really appreciate the extra forgiveness. I am finding that when I have my 5 iron in hand I still feel like I can attack the pin and having that extra work-ability and just overall feel/looks sold it for me. Now time to wait.....
  2. So I recently had 2 fittings: T100 Pw-6 + T200 5-4 w/ px 6.0 T100S Pw-4 w/ px 6.0 + 50* SM8 w/ px 6.0 The T100 5-4 irons are the same lofts as the T200 6-5 irons. Would the T200 6-5 irons 0.50" longer fit the gap better than the T200 5-4 bent? Obviously it would be so weird having two 6 irons but I am just curious if anyone has tested this at all? Or would bending the T200 5-4 irons be a better option? Another option would obviously be to just go with the stronger lofted T100S so that the T200 fits in easier or just go full T100S, I just don't need to hit it any further and I would have to re gap my wedges. Thoughts? note: Currently playing R9 TP irons which are 1* weaker than the regular t100's. R9 TP also has more forgiving 5-4 irons which is why I kind of like the idea of getting T200 in my 5-4.
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