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  1. I used a thick "super stroke" style grip for a long time. The physics behind it seemed to make sense. Then I got a the new Odyssey OG with the skinny grip last year and figured I'd try it out. Putting the best I ever have with it to my surprise. I think its certainly an individual thing for people.
  2. All I know is I swapped out new wedges last year. My wedges were 5 years old or so, and the added spin was extremely noticeable, especially on partial shots with the new wedges. The courses I play most are small fast greens so this was a huge bonus. Considering swap[ping every 1.5-2 seasons.
  3. Idk about a top 3 because I probably haven't gone through enough to have a top3, but I do know my current game, the Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS w/ Stroke Lab is money.
  4. my z585 PW and GW are 44 and 50 I think. Then I play a 56* and 60*. It doesn't cause me issues, but maybe I'm just used to it?
  5. Yes if it helps you hit the center of the face. I choke up on my driver nearly every tee shot I use it. I'd rather be 280-285 in the fairway, than 300 in the next fairway over.
  6. I had been searching for a few years and the Ping g410SFT is so easy to launch. It's more of a 4 wood than 3 wood, but for the few times I hit a wood, its nice knowing a controlled swing ends up launching high and mostly straight.
  7. jroot327

    LEFT DOT!!

    I was able to play a round on Labor Day with my new left dot. I shot great on the day (77) and am basing my opinions on comparisons with Tour B X (which I gamed the last year+), the new 2021 Z-Star (ball test standout for me, and have been gaming the last 2-3 weeks), and ProV1s I have played here and there the last couple seasons. Driving - I will say it wasn't my best driving day, but also didn't hit any balls in serious trouble. I think the left dot flies similar to the BX off the tee as far as ball flight/trajectory. What I did notice was the lower ball flight of the left dot compared to the Z-Star and ProVs. For me the new Srixons and BX were already a little longer off the tee than ProVs and I think the Left Dot is similar to the others for distance. This is probably due to a little lower spin/side-spin but it was hard to make that conclusion after one round when I wasn't making the most consistent swings. My home course is typically windy (and was for the round I played), and the lower ball flight seemed to benefit me when dealing with headwind and crosswinds, so that might be the deciding factor to make these my gamers. Irons - I loved this ball off the irons. The lower piercing ball flight with a feel a little closer to the Z-Star (not super firm like the BX) seemed to hit a sweet spot for me. I play a fair amount of 2-iron and 4-iron on my course off the tee as it demands some accurate shots, and this ball was a rocket that held its line in the wind on these iron tee shots. For the rest of my mid iron approaches I got the distance I was expecting and didn't seem to notice any unexpected rollout. It probably didn't have quite the same amount of check as the Z-Star/ProV but nothing that bothered me. Our greens are typically rolling quick and had really dried out and were very firm. So the fact that I didn't have any issues holding greens was enough for me. Left dot does seem to spin/check more than BX as well. Wedges - This was similar to the irons, in that it had plenty of spin for the shots I was trying to hit considering the conditions. I was able to take some spin off and get the ball to stop, and on the one shot I tried to pull it back I was able to hit a slope behind the pin and spin it back about 10-12 feet. Also like the irons it seemed to have a great feel, just a bit firmer than Z-stars and not super firm like the BX, which I found I really liked. Not a rock and not a marshmallow. Short Game - I hit several chips close for up and downs with plenty of control with the firmness I was playing on. The putting with the left dot for me was lights out, and probably the biggest standout. I birdied 4 holes, including 3 of the 4 toughest holes on my course. I'm sure I was having a good day rolling it to do this too, but seemed to be the perfect feel to get speed right on the greens. Pair that with a pretty good day hitting lines, and it inspires confidence for sure. I'm hoping this will be a trend I see as I play more rounds with it. So, all in all I'll need to play a few more rounds with them to see if I am going to decide on them or the Z-star to be my gamer going forward. But as I see it right now I'm not losing anything to another ball anywhere after one round and seemed to favor the left dot's trajectory on full shots and the feel chipping and putting. I'll update after more rounds to see if one or the other stand out for me, but this is the first tileist ball that seems to fit me. Lower launch, lower spin with the driver/long clubs while having plenty to work with for spin and feel inside 100 yards and around the green. I also still have my whole dozen left after that first round and the cover seemed to hold up really well.
  8. I play a set PW (44*) and AW (50*) and really only use them for 80%-full shots. Then I play a 56* for all partial shots into the green up to about 50 yards depending on lie. I'll also use it for longer bunker shots or when I need more bounce. My last wedge is a 60* that is really only a bunker club and toe down chipper around the green. I will play it on short pitches (inside 50 yards) to try to get a bit more loft and spin if needed. It seems to be a good set-up. Fresh new grooves with extra spin on the new wedges this year took some getting used to.
  9. Trying to talk my 21 hc, 62yo dad into these. He's a "sweeper" who hits his woods well and can struggle with thin/fat shots with his M2s. They look like just the ticket for him.
  10. I am taking my gamer, which was based off the 19 test (Tour BX), and comparing other balls numbers in this test to see if any can give me more help. I need lower spin off the driver, without giving up distance in the high swing speed, but play fast greens, so I'd like spin in the short irons and wedges. Very surprised how well the Srixon Z-Star compared to the BX, ProV1, CS, etc in this years test. Lower spinning off the driver (just as long as all of them) with as much or more spin around the green and with wedges, and they're less money than the alternatives. Will be giving them another shot with this new model and it's numbers in this test.
  11. @fixyurdivot I honestly haven't hit my current set-up on a simulator to get spin numbers(I know, I know, get fitted which I did at a Callaway demo day, but w/o a launch monitor). What I do know is that I hit a mid-launch cut and am averaging just over 290 this season (according to my shotscope data). My miss tends to be a block fade/slice and I figure the spin I'm trying to take off is some side spin, and might even get more roll out with a bit lower backspin. So all I'm doing is using my experience with my ball flight on my current gamer and comparing the numbers of other balls to that one within my swing speed so I can test on the course and see if I get any kind of noticeable change. I'm hoping that will be a straighter and/or longer shot with my driver, without losing anything (or even getting better) around the greens. Based on my shot shape, I assume I'm fairly high spin. I like tinkering with things here and there so I figure it's worth a shot. As @Thin2winpointed out there are alot of variables and certain times you want to take spin off or add it. He seems to know way more about spin windows than I do so I'd look at what he said but, just from my experience I'd just say to make sure you can control the spin if you're going to add it.
  12. I'm with you on the Z-star. While trying to stay away from the outliers in the high swing speed category the Z-Star seems to give a great do-it-all ball while being fairly soft as well. Relatively low spin off the driver (which I need) with solid distance, good spin/distance with the 8-iron (nothing that will be noticeably different from other premium balls), and more wedge spin than the category competitors as well. As someone who needs a low spin driver ball, but still wants spin and control from short irons and wedges, the Z-star out performs ProV1 and Chrome soft IMO. I was also surprised it out performs the Tour BX (my current gamer) off the tee too. Looks like a great all around ball. The only potential downside is it seems to have higher peak height than some of the other balls in the category, so if you wanted a lower ball flight/trajectory the ProV1 or CS might be better. Once I've used up the rest of my Tour BX balls, the Z-stars are getting another shot.
  13. This. I had the same thing happen an emailed them, and they sent a new one.
  14. I have a Ping G410 SFT 10.5* I'm thinking about selling. I have the stock Alta CB stiff shaft or a HZRDUS Smoke Black 60, 6.5 flex for it as well. I wound up hitting the Callaway B21 better for me and am looking at getting rid of the Ping. PM if you have any interest.
  15. Tour BRX is longer than the Tour BX for you? Whats your driver ss?
  16. Those T200s look clean. If combo'ing them with the 100 is an option, they'll be even better I think.
  17. I can vouch that the Shot scope is solid. You can do shot tracking, and if you don't the GPS works well as a stand alone. Been happy with my V3.
  18. Picked up some of the new Cole Haans. Very comfortable and pretty solid grip for a on/off course shoe.
  19. This is a great post. Someone should come up with long sleeved UPF sun shirts that are collared for golf like the UA fishing shirts are. I have worn some of the UA Fish UPF shirts to golf in and they're nice. Stays cool, and no sun screen needed where the shirt is.
  20. Recently received my raw Zipcores, and man I was missing the spin of fresher grooves on the quick greens I play. I've been able to hit some really nice low spinners on some front to back sloped greens that are always tough to hold, and have a bit more control out of the rough. My RTX3 was trying to hang in there, and my CG15 was dead. Glad to have the control of new wedges back, and still working on how my custom grinds can best be used.
  21. Well, I finally received my Cleveland tour rack raw wedges (56 & 60) after 6+ weeks. I think the wait was on the modus 125 wedge shafts. I also got fit into a Callaway BB B21 with an Evenflow Black x-stiff at their demo day at my club, and have an Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS with the stroke lab shaft ordered that will be here any day. And I thought my new Srixons last season were going to keep me set for a while.
  22. Got a chance to hit these today at my PGASS as well. They look pretty good and I was surprised at how compact the Supernova was considering the pics of it looked huge. They rolled nice and I think Cobra will do well with them. After putting a bunch of different options (I'm in the market for a putter), I liked the Supernova and the White Hot OGs with stroke lab the most. Being that the courses I play most have extremely fast greens most of the time, the white hot has my attention with how soft it feels. I was also very surprised how much better the stroke lab felt than the standard shafted odysseys. decisions, decisions...
  23. Supernova has my eye. Challenge is the shortest they make them is 34" and I play at 32". Plus the grip has arcos and I use shot scope so not sure if there will be a way to make that work.
  24. This is very true. Getting the shaft dialed in first will make a lot of these clubs feel much better and allow much more consistency in strikes. I would then venture to say you'll have 2-3 irons that all perform close to each other. If you get a standout winner even better. Certainly try as many heads as you can once the shaft is correct. Once you get down to the final 2-3 it'll be deciding what give/take you want. Distance, spin (or lack thereof), launch, feel, look, price, etc will play a roll at that point. Good luck!
  25. I wouldn't play my 3 wood for the longest time as I didn't find I could launch it consistently and put too much spin. I recently switched from the g410 3-wood to the g410 sft 3-wood and am hitting it phenomenally. I think going from 14.5* of launch in the std. 3-wood to basically a 4-wood at 16* of launch has helped a ton.
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