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  1. Recently received my raw Zipcores, and man I was missing the spin of fresher grooves on the quick greens I play. I've been able to hit some really nice low spinners on some front to back sloped greens that are always tough to hold, and have a bit more control out of the rough. My RTX3 was trying to hang in there, and my CG15 was dead. Glad to have the control of new wedges back, and still working on how my custom grinds can best be used.
  2. Well, I finally received my Cleveland tour rack raw wedges (56 & 60) after 6+ weeks. I think the wait was on the modus 125 wedge shafts. I also got fit into a Callaway BB B21 with an Evenflow Black x-stiff at their demo day at my club, and have an Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS with the stroke lab shaft ordered that will be here any day. And I thought my new Srixons last season were going to keep me set for a while.
  3. Got a chance to hit these today at my PGASS as well. They look pretty good and I was surprised at how compact the Supernova was considering the pics of it looked huge. They rolled nice and I think Cobra will do well with them. After putting a bunch of different options (I'm in the market for a putter), I liked the Supernova and the White Hot OGs with stroke lab the most. Being that the courses I play most have extremely fast greens most of the time, the white hot has my attention with how soft it feels. I was also very surprised how much better the stroke lab felt than the standard shafted ody
  4. Looks like some great putters. Would be great to get the fitting as well!
  5. Supernova has my eye. Challenge is the shortest they make them is 34" and I play at 32". Plus the grip has arcos and I use shot scope so not sure if there will be a way to make that work.
  6. This is very true. Getting the shaft dialed in first will make a lot of these clubs feel much better and allow much more consistency in strikes. I would then venture to say you'll have 2-3 irons that all perform close to each other. If you get a standout winner even better. Certainly try as many heads as you can once the shaft is correct. Once you get down to the final 2-3 it'll be deciding what give/take you want. Distance, spin (or lack thereof), launch, feel, look, price, etc will play a roll at that point. Good luck!
  7. I wouldn't play my 3 wood for the longest time as I didn't find I could launch it consistently and put too much spin. I recently switched from the g410 3-wood to the g410 sft 3-wood and am hitting it phenomenally. I think going from 14.5* of launch in the std. 3-wood to basically a 4-wood at 16* of launch has helped a ton.
  8. Could use some help on my new clubs lightning fast greens.
  9. When I played with this putter at the store, that seemed to be the feel I got as well. The face seemed a little easy to turn and wasn't as stable as I had hoped. Might take a look at the fang style mallet.
  10. I'm on year 2 of my 60*, and waited too long on my 56*. Maybe 5 years and it's not playing with the same bite. I have a pair of Zipcore Raws coming to swap them out. I think 2 seasons (in the mid-west anyways where we only get 6 months to play) is doable before having to consider changing them depending on how much you play.
  11. Anyone gaming the E521? I'm looking at potentially trying the 3-wood. I hit my Ping SFT driver straight or with a very slight fade and am looking to find a club I can turn over and work the other way a bit easier than it or my std. G410 3-wood when a hole gives no other option. I obviously am looking at getting into the Ping SFT 3-wood, but the E521 caught my eye too. Just looking for some feedback and maybe a hidden gem. TIA
  12. I'll take a look. Leaning Zipcore right now.
  13. Well I don't have problem spend $150-$200/club. I can do a full custom going Cleveland Tour Rack Raw Zipcore for in that range. The Edison with the shaft/grip I want would be closer to $250/club. I think Vokeys are in that range also?
  14. Thanks for the heads up. They mentioned that on the phone. Not sure I want to go through the hassle, plus you lose the warranty when buying just the head.
  15. Well after calling they wanted $50 per club for the upgrade to the Modus 125... so I'm back to the drawing board. May consider the Zipcore tour rack raw and get the grind/shaft/grip I want.
  16. I am looking for a G410 SFT 3-wood. I'm willing to buy the whole club, or trade my standard G410 3-wood head for the SFT and keep shafts.
  17. I rarely use my 3 wood. Most of the time if a par 5 is reachable in 2, It's driver and iron. If a par 5 requires driver then 3 wood for me, unless its wide open, I'm laying up to 100 yards and trying to stick it tight with wedge.
  18. Z-star is a great ball and probably the best ball for the money in the tour category(especially when the BOGO deal comes around). I gamed them last year and like them. That said I would up switching to a firmer ball (Tour BX) and have really liked it.
  19. jroot327

    Vice Tour

    I tried the Pro+ a couple season ago. They didn't seem to spin as much as I'd like on partial approaches and around the green, and didn't offer an advantage anywhere with the exception of price. Then I had one crack on a Par 3, 145 yard PW during a tournament round I was done.
  20. I'll probably pick up a sleeve to practice putting, but don't really need a dozen. I like the concept for practice! Not sure I'd game them.
  21. Love my HB 11c. I don't know how they don't get more love. Great feeling milled face, and I think it feels as good as any high end brand milled putter. Anyone upgraded shafts in their's? Might have to look at the premier line.
  22. 5'8" and putter length is 32". None of the putters at the stores to try are short enough, being that all I can find is 33". Very comfortable with the 32".
  23. So, I am replacing my current Cleveland 56* and 60*. I've decided to experiment with Edison and give it a shot with the 55* and 59*. Being that you can't get fit with these I am looking for some general rule of thumb help on selecting shafts for them. Like I said I currently game Clevelands that were bought off the rack. I was fit into Modus 120x last year for my irons and love them. So my options as I see it are: 1. Go with the stock KBS Tour 120 stiff that Edison offers? 2. Upgrade($15/club) to match my Modus 120x? 3. Upgrade to Modus 120 stiff, as I've read dropping a flex i
  24. Ok, so after another 6 months are they still the clubs you think they are? Worth the money? How versatile are they around the green when manipulating the face? That is more my concern, being that I don't think there is a better wedge for full swing shots. Also, the v-sole should mesh well with my Srixons.
  25. After more use how are you guys feeling with the Edisons. I am looking to replace my wedges this season and am down to Edison and Zipcores. I'm a Cleveland player now and like the raw options, and looking at $350-$400 on a couple wedges I take comfort that I pretty much know what I'm getting with the Zipcores. I usually play full/partial swings with the 56, and very few chips around the green. I have 14* of bounce on my 56 and it works well for my steep swing. The 60 I have plays with 9* of bounce and I use it around the green, for flops, and out of the sand. My concern is if those types of op
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