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  1. I remember seeing some ads a while ago for the top of the line, $1800 Garmin Marq golf watch ... anybody ever even considered paying that much for this kind of device?
  2. What is actually happening when switched between "Practice" and "Play" mode?
  3. Curious - have you felt that all of those have been worth the investment? Any specific models that you have been really happy with?
  4. With an adjustable hosel, would it be so wrong to just self-examine somewhat scientifically then make the adjustments to the driver yourself? That being said, if you were feeling doubt about the quality of the fitting, the rep take responsibility for setting you up for success with the club settings from the start.
  5. Does anyone use one putter strictly for practice / working on these fundamental techniques, and another more premium putter for your game?
  6. What are the main performance-based factors you would consider when looking for a putter, then? Specifically, on the high end of the price spectrum?
  7. Hello! Recent beginner golfer here. As I am looking to invest in my first set of golf clubs, I'm seeking advice on a solid driver and wood to get me out on the course. I've looked at reviews of the Strata sets, but am a bit concerned with the quality of the driver and 3 wood - some folks have reported the head collapsing or denting even on the first time at the range. What are some good-value options to grab for my starter bag?
  8. Do you find yourself actively tracking your eyes on the TT lines during your stroke? Ever used the Odyssey putters in conjunction with balls that also have the lines?
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