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  1. Hi, does anyone know when the new Bridgestone e12 contact ball will be available in the U.K.? I believe they came out in the US last Friday. thanks
  2. Does any one know what to do if a course is using a temporary green. I haven’t played yet but know there is a temporary green in use at a course I will play over the weekend. Is it best to just switch to pin collect when I am on the temporary green and SS will record this as where the pin was?
  3. Is anyone having problems with the yardages freezing mid round? This has happened 3 times since I updated the firmware, once in one round and twice in another. The watch itself isn’t frozen as can enter settings etc, the yardages just don’t move on. Each time I had to end the round and then click play again and select GPS/track. The first time it happened when uploading my round it uploaded as normal and one round, the second time it synced as two rounds. Wondering if this is an issue since the new firmware as wasn’t a problem before
  4. Hi, is any one else having problems with the V3 registering practice swings as shots? Played 4 rounds with it now and after each round have had to remove an additional 5-8 extra shots each time? Also had a few shots where I’ve used a driver off the tee and it’s registered the club used as an 8i!? I never had either of these issues with the v2.
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