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  1. Mike / KC,KS I have a big Callaway outdoor net, it's a bit cumbersome though Do not currently use a LM with it
  2. Mike KC, KS Big Bertha Alpha 18 not real fast I imagine Which Driver? either one
  3. Mike, kansas city Usually practice in winter with a putting cup in the house Never tried a mat before Would prefer the medium mat
  4. Mike / KC, KS Currently use Cleveland wedges: 56 degree RTX and a 60 degree CBX Would like to try a 56 degree
  5. 18 handicap in Kansas City Have Cleveland Ta6 irons, hit my 8 iron about 140yds Never heard of the company before
  6. Mike - Kansas City I've used a Bushnell Excel watch I STILL use my Bushnell Excel watch
  7. Mike Porter kansas city, KS I practice putting for about 10 or 15 minutes whenever I'm at the range or before a round, so probably 3 times a month. 2-3 three putts per round if it's a course with tough greens Really interested to see how accurate this is.
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